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Alpha science classroom: Explore the mysteries of sound

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The earth is filled with many wonderful sounds. Music can bring people joy, let us relax the spirit, feel happiness. However, the noise makes us irritable and feel bad. So do children want to know the secrets of sound science? Today, Alpha science classroom is working with children to explore the hidden mysteries of the science of sound with simple science experiments for kids and simple materials. 

Alpha science classroom-science of sound

Today’s science experiments for kids are very simple. Children can easily find the materials for the experiment at home. Let Alpha science toys tell you what materials you need to prepare.

Alpha science classroom: Materials for science experiments for kids exploring sound

1.Wire hanger



Alpha science classroom: Steps of the sound science experiment for kids

Step 1:Tie the hook of a wire hanger to the center of a large piece of string. (About 3 feet long)

Step 2: Wrap the ends of the string around your index fingers.

Step 3: Now put your hands over the openings of your ears while holding the string.

Step 4: Lean over and swing the hanger so that it taps against a table or door. What do you hear?

Alpha science toys’ Observations and Comments:

“It sounds like a bell!” “The hanger got the noise and it went through the hanger and through the string to my ears.” What do kids think about the sound coming into your ears? Alpha science toys work with children to uncover the scientific science of sound.

Alpha science classroom-science experiments for kids

Alpha science classroom: Question to Spark More Curiosity & Critical Thinking

How did it sound? Does banging the hanger against the table sound different if you don’t put the string to your ears? How? How do you think the sound gets to your ears? Alpha science toys work with children to uncover the science secrets of sound.

Alpha science classroom: The hidden mysteries of the science of sound

Do the kids know? Sound waves are created by the vibration of an object (the wire hanger and string).  When vibrations hit your eardrum, your brain interprets the vibrations as sound. The sound waves can travel through air, liquids, and solids. When we listen to the hanger hit the table with the string to our ears, the sound waves are traveling through the solid string and hanger. Since sound waves travel more quickly through solids, we hear the sound more clearly. When we bang the hanger without putting the string to our ears, the sound waves are traveling through air to get to our ears making the sound quieter

Do children feel that sound transmission is very cool? Today, Alpha science classrooms and children learn about sound through a science experiments. What are the children waiting for? Come and work with Alpha science toys to make more “instruments” and explore the mysteries of different sounds. Through more science experiments for kids in Alpha science classrooms, we can stimulate children’s creativity and critical thinking in different grades. Let children love music and become great musicians.


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