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Alpha science classroom: Exploding Watermelon Science Experiment for Summer

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How can there be a lack of watermelon in the hot summer? Today, Alpha Science Class is going through Exploding Watermelons, this epic watermelon explosion is a fun, edible kids' science experiment that helps kids of all ages understand the potential and motivation of physical science. At the same time, this children's physical science experiment activity can also solve the scientific mysteries hidden in physics and watermelon for children, so as to relieve the summer heat.

Alpha science classroom: Exploding Watermelon Science Experiment for Summer you will need the following supplies

  • medium watermelon

  • 400-600 rubber bands (how many depends on the size of watermelon you get)

  • table

  • 2 people to put the rubber bands on

  • bowl (optional, but super helpful in keeping the watermelon stationary)

  • gloves (optional, in case you break rubber bands to protect your hands)

  • goggles (optional – to avoid getting watermelon pieces in your eyes)

  • apron (optional – to keep your clothes watermelon free)

Alpha Science Class: Explosion Watermelon Science Experiment Summer Experimental Step

Step 1: The children choose an open area to secure the watermelon on the table to fix it, do not let the watermelon roll around, it will cause accidental injury.

Step 2: Children invite partners, 2-3 people to put the rubber band on the watermelon is the easiest. This way you can gently slide it onto the middle part of the fruit. Keep going, keep going, keep going!

Step 3: The more watermelon rubber bands the kids wear, the more potential energy the watermelon will gain as it changes its shape and contents. If you only put 100 rubber bands on it, it won't cut the rubber band in half, but it may end up creating a seam in the fruit to release the tension.

You'll need at least 400 rubber bands to complete this watermelon explosion experiment.


Step 4: If the kids are careful enough, you will notice a slight change in the shape of the watermelon when you are about to explode it. The waist of our fruit starts to get smaller, bubbles come out of the top, and we can hear a slight hissing sound.

When these things start to happen, get ready! It will pop inside a pair of watermelon rubber bands!

Step 5: Even though we know it's coming from bubbling and bulging, it's still mind-blowingly cool! The watermelon pops at least 5 feet in the air with a huge splash! The sequel to Science So Cool's delightful and awe-inspiring sequel makes me happy!

Alpha science classroom: Exploding Watermelon Science Experiment for Summer, the science behind

Potential and kinetic energy

The concepts of potential and kinetic energy may seem hard for kids to grasp, but this simple science experiment for kids will not only help them understand but remember!

Potential energy is anything that has the potential to move. The stored energy that an object has due to its position or state. A bicycle on a hilltop, a book overhead, or a stretched rubber band all has potential energy.

Kinetic energy is anything that has motion. Therefore, a leaf blown by the wind, a softball thrown, or a falling object has kinetic energy.

In other words, a stretched rubber band has potential energy, but when you release it and retract it, its motion becomes kinetic energy.

This edible physical science experiment does take some time to tie all the rubber bands, but there are no fancy supplies and kids of all ages can do it. You must try this!

The simple combination of watermelon and rubber band illustrates the greatness of scientific knowledge to children. Today, the purpose of the alpha science classroom is to help children explore and learn the fun of scientific knowledge. More summer kid's science experiments activities, let's explore more science fun together!

Alpha Science Toys also prepares amazing physical science experiment packs for kids to explore the amazing mysteries of science with kids and help them grow into the greatest scientists.


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