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Alpha science classroom: Effects of greywater on plant growth

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Children know that humans and plants need water to nourish themselves, but with mankind's massive pollution and waste, freshwater resources are becoming scarce and greywater, considered by most to be wastewater, is however beginning to be treated and used as freshwater. But what about the safety of soapy water for plants, do children know? Today, the alpha science classroom unravels the effects of greywater on plant growth through Effects of greywater on plant growth, a special children's plant science experiments activity. The children will also learn about environmental protection through this kid's science experiments.

Alpha Science Classroom: Effects of greywater on plant growth, materials needed

  • Greywater collected from different sources

  • Fresh, drinkable water

  • Empty plastic water bottles

  • Small flower pots for planting

  • Potting soil

  • Flat bean seeds

  • Tape for labeling

  • Ruler

Alpha Science Classroom: The Effects of Greywater on Plant Growth, a Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: First, formulate your hypothesis. Can graywater be used to water plants? Does the type of greywater determine whether or not a plant can grow? What is the general relationship between graywater and plant growth?

Step 2: Children collect graywater from different sources in labeled plastic bottles. This could be water from your handwashing, dishwashing, bathtub water, or any other source of graywater you can think of.

Step 3: The children will need to plant the prepared seeds. Put 1-2 seeds in each pot and use potting soil. Label your containers with the type of water you want to use to water them.

Step 4: The children can water each plant with the same type of water each day. Be sure to have a control group that is watered with water. Make sure to water each plant with the same amount of water, regardless of the type of water used.

Step 5: Once the plants start to sprout, measure their height. Record the date and height and measure daily.

Step 6: The children can compare which type of water will help the plants grow the most.


Step 7: Children need to make other careful observations. Did you notice any differences in the color of the different plants? Do you notice any differences in the bloom of the plants, or the plants' ability to stand upright?

Alpha Science Classroom: The effects of gray water on plant growth, the science behind it

The alpha science classroom tells children that many products are now labeled "green," which usually means they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Water containing these types of dissolved chemicals may not be as harmful as water containing common types of soaps and shampoos, which can be toxic to plants.

Greywater is not portable, which means it is not safe to drink. It can contain many harmful substances, such as chemicals in soaps, shampoos and dishwashing liquids, food particles, bacteria, and any dirt or germs you wash off your hands and body. In most homes, the water from our toilets is unnecessary drinking water (potable) and many communities are considering recycling graywater to flush their toilets.

Also, many communities treat graywater and use this water to irrigate landscaping and inedible plants. Avoid using graywater on plants that come in contact with people, as this type of water may pose a health risk.

We believe that the Alpha science classroom's children's plant science experiments has helped children understand the impact of plants on water quality and how precious water resources are. We hope that through this kid's science experiments, children will build a good habit of cherishing water resources and become water resources environmentalists.

Similarly, alpha science toys prepared special plant growth kits for children to help them understand the mystery of plant growth and build perfect green earth in the future.


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