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Alpha science classroom: Easter Egg Rocket

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Easter is just around the corner, and the children are preparing to make Easter eggs, but every year the Easter eggs are all the same without creativity. Today, the alpha science classroom is working with children to make a special kind of Easter egg, Easter Egg Rocket, which combines Easter eggs and chemistry experiments for kids, so that children can enjoy the special fun of kids science experiments while making Easter eggs. The special activities will make Easter even more interesting.

Alpha science classroom: Easter Egg Rocket

  • Materials you'll need

  • plastic eggs

  • construction paper

  • google eyes

  • fizzy tablets

  • water

  • hot glue / hot glue gun

  • glue stick

  • pencil (optional)

  • Scissors

Alpha Science Classroom Warning

Easter egg rockets can only be launched outdoors because they may cause some confusion. Parents ensure that children wear safety goggles and are closely supervised. The eggs will fly high, and children should stay away from the launch area.

Alpha Science Classroom: Easter Egg Rocket Making Tutorial

Step 1: First, the kids customize, sketch and cut out the design for your animal. Consider what shape you might need to create them. We decided to adopt the woodland theme, so we created a fox, an owl, and a rabbit. We used some circles, triangles, and teardrop shapes to create them.

Step 2: Children carefully glue your shape to the egg. We use glue sticks to stick the paper shape to ourselves, but we need hot glue to stick the paper shape to the Easter egg. If necessary, be sure to seek help from an adult.

Step 3: Now is the time to bring the animals made by the kids to live! Decorate with slimy eyes, mouth, and any other characteristics your animal may have. What additional features will your animals have?


Step 4: When the children are launching the egg, put two carbonated tablets into the lower half of the egg. Then fill the upper half of the egg about halfway with water. Close the egg quickly and take a step back. After a few seconds, your egg should bounce and fly!

The height of the rocket surprised us! Although it is really exciting, you must take the necessary precautions. We recommend that children wear goggles!

Alpha Science Classroom: Principles of Easter Egg Rocket Science

Have the children made a volcano with baking soda and vinegar? When children put carbonated tablets into a glass of water, the hissing sound you get is exactly the same reaction. Carbonated tablets contain sodium bicarbonate (also called baking soda) mixed with citric acid and some other substances. In the solid form, baking soda and acid do not react, which is why the tablet does not foam in the packaging. But when the tablets are dropped into the water, the baking soda and citric acid will gather together and make a hissing sound.

When this reaction occurs inside the Easter egg, the walls of the egg trap gas inside. As the egg is filled with more and more gas, the pressure inside the egg will increase. In the end, the gas inside the egg is pushed hard enough to make the egg pop and launch!

Has the Easter egg rocket made by the children successfully launched? Remember today the children's chemistry experiment project in the alpha science classroom. On Easter Day, children took out special Easter eggs to show their friends their magic and interesting knowledge of the kid’s science experiments. Become the star of the audience!

Alpha science toys also prepared many magical children's chemistry experiment kits for children, various magical chemical phenomena for children to unlock the magical mysteries of chemistry, and make children fall in love with science and become the stars of tomorrow.


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