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Alpha science classroom:Dry Ice Balloon

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Kids love to blow up balloons to make all kinds of shapes, but blowing up balloons can be a really tiring and daunting task. Kids will spend a lot of time gasping and panting while blowing their breath into the rubber ball, so what's a quick way to get a balloon to blow up? Today, alpha Science Classroom teaches kids to accomplish the task of blowing up a balloon by Dry the puck, while enjoying the help that comes with a physical science experiment for kids. Kids can learn what's involved with this  science experiment  for kid's activity and use their scientific minds to learn with raw individuals and not waste all that time and energy getting dizzy!

Alpha Science Classroom: Dry Ice Balloon Experiment Materials

  • Dry ice

  • Balloons

  • Pliers or thick gloves

Alpha Science Classroom: Dry Ice Balloon Experiment

Step 1: First, children use tongs or thick gloves to place a small piece of dry ice into a balloon. Ask parents to help if needed.

Step 2: Children tie a knot in the opening to seal the balloon.

Step 3: Children place the balloon in a place where it can be left undisturbed for a period of time.


Step 4: What happens when you observe the balloon from a safe distance?

Before you know it, the balloon will be fully inflated

Alpha Science Classroom: The Science of Dry Ice Balloons

Alpha Science Classroom reveals to children that when dry ice is exposed to warm air, it produces a gas called carbon dioxide (CO2) through a process called sublimation. This is because dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, and it needs to be very, very cold to stay frozen. The balloon expands because the CO2 gas takes up a lot of space and eventually fills the interior space, causing the balloon to stretch.

But be careful! If you put a piece of dry ice inside a balloon that is too big, the balloon may explode because of the pressure. This is why it is very important to keep a safe distance while the dry ice is sublimating.

The balloon slowly grows bigger with the dry ice and the whole process is magical and fun because of the magic of carbon dioxide. Well, Alpha Science Classroom's physical science experiments for kids are over, and I believe the kids have learned the science in them, so today's science experiments for kids were a great success, and to learn more about the magic, just follow Alpha Science Classroom!

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