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Alpha science classroom: DIY Wave Machine

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Ocean waves crashing along the sand and sound and light travel in waves to our ears and eyes. So do children know how waves move? Today, Alpha science classroom explores how waves move with the activity DIY Wave Machineto reveal the answer. At the same time, it teaches the kids to do the kids science experiment with the most common things and materials and cultivate children to have a pair of eyes that is good at discovering science.

Alpha science classroom: DIY Wave Machine Materials you'll need

  • stools (2)

  • duct tape

  • scissors

  • wooden skewers (50)

  • gumdrops

  • rocks (2)

Alpha science classroom: DIY Wave Machine Step-by-step tutorial

Step 1: First of all, children need to collect the materials they need. Then, place the two stools about 6 feet apart.

Step 2: children put one or two stones on each bench.

Step 3: children stretch a piece of tape (sticky side up) between the stools and stick it under each stool.

Step 4: children leave about 1 foot of tape at each end, center the kebab along with the tape, and place each kebab about 1.5 inches from the previous kebab.


Step 5: Do the children discover that waves can only spread things that they touch or connect. This is the purpose of tape. Interference in one fork can distort the tape, causing interference in the fork behind it, and so on.

Step 6: children carefully push the gummies to the ends of each skewer.

Step 7: Ready, children click on the fork on one end of the tape to see what happens! Did you see the waveform and scroll along the line?

Alpha Science Classroom: DIY Wave Machine Science Principles

The alpha science classroom tells children that waves are movement disturbances that pass through something. For example, ocean waves are a kind of disturbance in the water near the surface of the sea, which rolls with up and down rotation.

Observe carefully what happens when the wave reaches the end of the string. Did you notice it bounced back and returned to you? This is because when waves hit fixed and solid objects that they cannot pass through, they will reflect in the opposite direction!

The alpha science classroom reminded children to experiment further by adding more gummies to the end of the kebab or removing them completely. Does the wave pass the kebab faster or slower than before?

There is no fixed shape for waves but they travel very fast. We believe kids would learn more through this physical science experiment “DIY Wave Machine”. If you want to know more about the waves, you can observe them in different ways. Also, there is a more interesting kid’s science experiment that you can do to experience the science mystery and fun.

Alpha science toys provide many magic kid’s physical science experiment kits. They help kids explore physical science knowledge to be great scientists.


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