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Alpha science classroom: DIY Thermal Powered Flower

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Have the children ever seen the hot air rise? Why can't I see it? Today, the alpha science classroom teaches children DIY Thermal Powered Flower. Through this children's physical science experiments project, we will explore the physics behind the hot airflow with the children, and use them to power the children's rotating flowers! Parents are reminded that this kid's science experiment project requires the use of fire and paper and can only be carried out under adult supervision. Happy science moment, let the children enjoy the flowers spinning together!

Alpha science classroom: DIY Thermal Powered Flower,Materials you'll need

  • straw

  • clay

  • colored paper

  • washer or screw eye

  • scissors

  • candle (4)

  • tape

  • ruler

  • Lighter

Alpha science classroom: DIY Thermal Powered Flower, Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: First, children print the template (here), and then cut flowers and leaves from colored paper. Twist each petal so that they form a fan shape.

Step 2: children carefully use scissors to trim the straw to 3 inches long, and trim the bamboo stick to 4 inches from the tip.

Step 3: children wrap the clay on the straw and make it stand upright. Make sure that there is no clay in the straw.

Step 4: children use a piece of tape to fix the eyebolt to the top of the straw. This will help reduce the friction between the skewer and the straw during rotation.

Step 5:  children tape the leaves to hide the screw holes or washers. Make sure that the leaves do not block the spinning flowers and do not stay in the flames.


Step 6:  children use a small piece of clay to fix the center of the flower on the flat end of the kebab. Slide the fork into the straw so that the tip rests on the table.

Alpha Science Classroom: The Scientific Principles Behind DIY Thermal Powered Flower

The dwarfs placed four small candles at the bottom of the straws and lit them. Your flowers should start spinning! If it doesn't fully start on the first try, don't despair, it may need some adjustments. Try to adjust the screw holes to make sure that the fork does not touch the straw, or try to adjust the angle of the petals folding. You also need to make sure that the tip of the skewer is rotated on a hard, flat surface, and your flower is balanced on the skewer. what happened? The alpha science classroom tells children that when the flame of each candle heats up the air around them, the air expands and becomes less dense than the surrounding colder air. This will cause the heated air to rise upwards, creating a gentle warm breeze that will make your flowers spin, just like a windmill spinning in the wind!

The children’s DIY Thermal Powered Flower begins to spin and bloom like a real flower. This is the effect of the heat in the air. Do the children understand? Then, the children's physical science experiments in the alpha science classroom is a complete success. I hope that this kid's science experiments will give children special fun, learn the scientific knowledge in it, and become the most powerful science expert.

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