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Alpha science classroom: DIY Straw Fountain

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How does the water pump work? Do kids know? Today, the alpha science classroom teaches kids to make Straw Fountain and helps kids learn about centrifugal force through this simple and fun kids' physical science experiment project, so your kids will love kids' science experiment activities and experience his amazing mei.

Alpha science classroom: DIY Straw Fountain,Materials you'll need.

  • straw

  • needle

  • skewer

  • clear cups

  • water

  • Tape

Alpha science classroom: DIY Straw Fountain, step-by-step tutorial

Step 1: First, children cut a straw in half. Take one half and poke a hole in the middle of the straw with a pin. Put a fork through the hole.

Step 2: Children use scissors to make two slits on each side of the skewer, about half an inch away, on the left and right sides. Make sure you don't cut the straw all the way through.

Step 3: Children adjust the position of the straws on the skewer so that the tip of the skewer and the end of the straw both meet at the same point. Use tape to hold the end of the straw in place, making sure not to cover any of the straw openings.


Step 4: Children fill a cup with water and hold the fork so that the bottom tip of the triangle is submerged.

Hint: Do this part outside or somewhere you don't mind getting wet!

Step 5: Children place the top of the triangle over the water, roll the kebab between their hands and watch your DIY fountain come to life! What happens if you spin faster or slower?

Hint: Kids go through the above and see what happens when they try to make a bigger triangle!

Alpha science classroom: DIY Straw Fountain, the scientific principles behind

How is this going? Believe it or not, the alpha science classroom tells the kids that this simple straw fountain works like many industrial water pumps! Centrifugal pumps use motor-driven rotating blades to spray water radially outward, just like your fountain. This is like the act of rotating paint in an art machine or water in a washing machine. (Try to peek inside the washing machine as it drains-you will see that the drum inside spins very fast, which will throw excess water out of the drum.)

The outward thrust experienced by the water is called "centrifugal force"-but a more accurate term is "pseudo force". You can explore how it can be used with another pseudo-force that you may be familiar with. Suppose you are in a car and it accelerates from zero to sixty-you will be pressed back into your seat. If the driver then slams on the brakes, you will fly forward. In other words, you are thrown in the opposite direction of acceleration. The water in the fountain is the same. It is moving in a circle, so the direction of acceleration is toward the center of the circle. The water is pushed in the opposite direction and thrown out through the straw-and the entire floor!

The perfect mini fountain is ready for kids to turn on the water pump! alpha science classroom hopes that the DIY Straw Fountain will help kids discover the knowledge and fun in children's physical science experiments, so that they can enjoy the scientific power contained in kid's science experiments and love to explore science.

Alpha science toys also has many interesting kid's physics experiment kits, through simple materials, for children to unlock the magical world of physical science, so that children better understand the interesting world of science.


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