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Alpha science classroom: DIY Spectroscope

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Rainbows radiate the beauty of nature. How many ways do the children know to make rainbows? But do you know what science holds in rainbows? Today, Alpha Science Classroom teaches kids DIY Spectroscopes. Through this fun kids physics science experiment, kids can see all the colors that make up the white light of the sun, as well as the unique color patterns in the light from bulbs and other light sources. In addition, the kid's science experiment activities, using the most simple materials, children can explore the most exotic optical mysteries, enjoy science fun.

Alpha science classroom: DIY Spectroscope,Materials you'll need

  • CDs

  • cardboard box (about the size of a large shoebox)

  • knife

  • opaque tape (masking tape or painter's tape)

  • pen or pencil

Alpha Science Classroom: DIY Spectrometer, Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: First of all, the children have to collect the required materials!

Step 2: Then, children stick the prepared CD or DVD inside the box so that they can see the shiny side. You will want the disk to be flat against a wall and close to the corner.

Step 3: children close the box and make sure that nothing covers the part of the disk closest to the corner of the box (circled in the photo). We had to trim off the edges of the box.

Step 4: children close the box and use the tube to draw a circle on the long side of the box, which is adjacent to the one where the disk is located (about 1/4 along the side). Draw a circle about half the width of the tube along the middle of the other side. This will become the slot for the observation tube.

Step 5: children carefully cut out an oval defined by two circles. You should be able to slide the tube into the hole and align it with the CD/DVD.

Step 6: children cut a slot in the wall of the box opposite the CD/DVD. The slot should be aligned with the part of the CD/DVD near the corner of the box.


Step 7: children close the box and cover any other holes or slots with tape. Check for light leakage through the tube.

Step 8: children aim at the box so that the slit faces the light source and looks through the tube. (Note: even if you use a beam splitter, do not look directly at the sun!) You should see rainbow stripes with bright stripes. You may need to adjust the size of the slit, the position of the CD/DVD, or the angle of the tube to get the best rainbow effect.

Alpha Science Classroom: The scientific principles behind DIY spectroscope

what happened?

Alpha science classroom tells the children that what you see is called the emission spectrum. CD/DVD is diffracted light, like a prism (or water droplets in the sky during a rainbow). This divides the light into different colors. Sunlight contains a complete color band, but you may find that other light sources only contain a few different colors, which together look white!

Try to look at many different light sources. What kind of emission spectrum can you find?

All right, the kids' DIY spectroscope is done. Children write down the colors of the light sources they see and then explore what colors are in the spectrum of different light sources of TV, computer, and mobile phones. Alpha Science Classroom hopes to help kids understand the characteristics of the light sources, learn different scientific knowledge, love children's science experiment activities, and become the most powerful science masters.

Alpha Science Toys has prepared a lot of children's physics science experiment kits about the vision for children, opening the door to science for children, let science into children's happy childhood.



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