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Alpha science classroom:DIY Salty Cave Crystals

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The crystal in the cave is filled with the beautiful light of nature. Do children know how the crystal is formed? Today, Alpha Science Class teaches children DIY Salty Cave Crystals toys. Through magical children's chemical experiments activities, they can unlock the natural hidden scientific code for children, understand the power of kid's science experiments, and become the most powerful crystal magician.

Alpha science classroom:DIY Salty Cave Crystals,Materials you'll need

  • safety pins (2)

  • string (cotton)

  • scissors

  • small dish

  • popsicle sticks (2)

  • small container (2) (glass)

  • Epsom salt

  • hot water

  • food coloring (2)

Alpha science classroom: DIY Salty Cave Crystals, step-by-step tutorial

Step 1: First, the children pour ¼ cup of Epsom salt into each glass container.

Step 2: Then, the children pour water into the top of the container and mix well for at least one minute. If there is no residual salt at the bottom of the container after mixing, continue to add salt until there is salt. This means that your saline solution is completely saturated.

Step 3: Children, put a few drops of food dye into each container and mix well.

Step 4: Children, place the container in an area where it will not move for a week or more. Then, place the small plate between them.

Step 5: The children carefully cut a piece of rope about half an arm's length. Then, tie the loose end of the rope to the safety pin.

Step 6: The children put one end of the rope into one container and the other end into the second container.

Tips for alpha science classroom:

A small arch is formed between the two containers, just above the small plate. The rope should not touch the bottom of the plate.

Alpha science classroom: DIY Salty Cave Crystals, scientific principles

The kids should see some crystals forming within the next week! The crystals that grow from the strings are called stalactites. The crystals that grow from the middle plate are called stalagmites. These are small size models of crystals grown in caves!

After the children's crystals are made, the children use their brains to make the crystals into jewelry and give them to family and friends! The DIY Salty Cave Crystals activity in the alpha science classroom is over. I also hope that this interesting children's chemistry experiments can help children understand the growth process of crystals, show them the magic of nature, and enjoy the fun of kid's science experiments.

Alpha Science Toys also prepared many interesting crystal planting kits for children, allowing them to make a beautiful crystal world and become great scientists.


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