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Alpha science classroom: DIY Rubber Band Helicopter

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What's the magical mystery that a helicopter can fly in the sky? Today, the Alpha science classroom teaches children to make Rubber Band Helicopters. Through this simple handicraft activity, they can solve the mystery of children's physical science experiments and let them understand the operation principle of helicopters. At the same time, enjoy the fun and learning help brought by kid's science experiments.

Alpha science classroom: DIY Rubber Band Helicopter,Materials you'll need

  • propeller (2) (1 clockwise, 1 counterclockwise)

  • steel shaft and plastic mount for propeller (2)

  • lollipop sticks (1)

  • tape

  • hot glue / hot glue gun

  • rubber band (1)

  • needle nose pliers

Alpha Science Class: DIY Rubber Band Helicopter, step by step tutorial

Step 1: First, children insert the shaft into the clockwise (white) propeller so that the hook is at the bottom of the propeller. Use needle-nose pliers to bend the shaft to secure the propeller. Then, heat glue the curved end of the shaft to the propeller to move them together.

Step 2: Children carefully insert the shaft into the counterclockwise (black) propeller so that the hook is on the top of the propeller. Use needle-nose pliers to bend the shaft to secure the propeller. Then, heat glue the curved end of the shaft to the propeller to move them together.

Step 3: children roll up about 2 inches (5.1 cm) of tape tightly and push it to the side of the plastic bracket. Do this twice, once for each plastic bracket.

Step 4: children insert each end of the lollipop into each plastic bracket, and connect the propeller to the lollipop stick.

Note: This should be tight. If not, go back to step 3 and use more tape.

Step 5: children stretch the rubber band between the hook ends of each shaft.


Step 6: The children fix the clockwise (white) propeller in place and rotate the counterclockwise (black) propeller counterclockwise about 60 times. Then let go of the propeller and watch your helicopter fly away! What happens if you rotate the propeller clockwise? What if you add weight or wings to it?

Alpha science classroom: The scientific knowledge behind DIY Rubber Band Helicopter

The alpha science classroom told the children that the two propellers on the rubber band helicopter can guarantee flight, thanks to the same principle of keeping the real helicopter in the air. The inclined blades of the propeller act like a fan when rotating, sucking in air from above and blowing it down. This will generate enough lift to counteract the effects of gravity on the helicopter, pushing it higher and higher into the sky. If you set the propellers correctly, the blades of each propeller are in opposite directions, and they should all blow in the same direction, even if they rotate in opposite directions...doubling the propeller means doubling the lift and doubling the flying power!

Finally, children can send the made Rubber Band Helicopter to the sky in the garden or public garden. Alpha science classroom hopes that kids can learn simple physics knowledge in this interesting children's physics science experiment, and at the same time gain happiness and explore more kid's science experiment activities, so as to fall in love with science and become the most powerful pilots.

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