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Alpha Science Classroom: DIY Rollback Can Releases the Mysteries of Physics

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Winter children like to stay in warm rooms to play, how can there be a lack of interesting science experiment activities for kids? It is the parents' favorite to keep children alive and learn new knowledge. Alpha science classroom hopes to stimulate children's interest in physics through simple physical science experiments and keep them interested in physical science. Actually, alpha science classrooms think physics science experiments can become the activity of children's daily study! Alpha science classroom today's rollback can is a great example of physical science experiments, a classic demonstration of the transfer of energy all wrapped up in one magical DIY toy.


Alpha science classroom:DIY Rollback Can Materials

  • Coffee or Oats Can  (empty please)

  • Thick Rubber Band (choose the thickest ones in a pack like this)

  • Large Nut (pick one up at the hardware store for about 50 cents)

  • Paper Clips

  • Nail Hammer

  • Screwdriver

  • Tape

  • Pencil

  • Colored paper & tape for decoration

Alpha science classroom:Steps to DIY Rollback Can

Step One Poke a hole in the center of the coffee can top and bottom using a hammer and nail.

Then enlarge the hole by tapping a screwdriver through the hole with a hammer.

Step Two Three Tape your rubber band to the top of the large nut. Make sure it is very secure.

Then open up a small paper clip and thread it through one loop of the rubber band. This will be your “needle”

Step Three The children from the inside of the can very carefully thread the paper clip with the rubber band attached through the hole in the bottom of the can. There may be sharp edges so be very careful! Slip a large paper clip through the rubber band loop to secure it in place. Remove the paper clip “needle.”

Step Four The children place the paper clip “needle” through the remaining loop of the rubber band and carefully pull it through the hole in the coffee can lid. Place a pencil between the lid and can to temporarily hold everything in place. If the nut has moved closer to one side of the rubber band, move it back so that it hangs on the center of the can when stretched.


Step Five Slip another large paper clip through the rubber band loop to secure it in place. Remove the paper clip “needle” and the pencil. Make sure the lid is securely attached to the can.

Step Six If desired decorate your can with tape and colored paper.

Finally, Take the rollback can and test it! Go test it! On a flat surface gently roll your can away from you. It should roll away, stop, and then roll back!

Alpha science classroom:Physical Science Principle of DIY Rollback Can

Today alpha science toys made a rollback can physics experiment project with kids displays the concept of transfer of energy. One type of energy is called kinetic energy– that is energy in motion. Another type of energy is called potential energy, which is the energy that is stored up and ready to be released. When you roll the can, the kinetic energy of the rolling is transferred to the rubber band, which twists tightly and is prevented from turning along with the can by the offset weight. As the rubber band twists, the energy becomes potential (stored energy). As soon as the can stop, the potential energy stored in the rubber band is released and the can begins to unwind and roll back in the direction from which it came, once again becoming kinetic energy. Do the children understand?

Today’s alpha science classroom is over. The children who work hard to make a rollback can try to test on a plane from different angles, they can accumulate different distances of the rollback can, and then they can understand the concept of energy transfer! Kids can also show off their rollback can at the Christmas event!

Children can also choose suitable children's science experiment toy sets from alpha science toys to carry out more interesting physical science experiment projects and become the next Newton!



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