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Alpha science classroom: DIY Pythagoras Cup

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Put a straw in the cup, why can it drain the liquid? Is there any magic mystery? Today, Alpha science classroom teaches children the DIY Pythagoras Cup, Children could unlock the scientific principles of gravity and siphon through the children's physical science experiment project, these projects also present a magical kid's science experiment activity, which helps children understand science The magic and knowledge.

Alpha science classroom: DIY Pythagoras Cup,Materials you'll need

  • plastic cup (3)

  • push pin

  • scissors

  • bendy straw

  • hot glue / hot glue gun

  • plastic cup lid (straw slotted)

  • water

  • food coloring (optional)

Alpha science classroom: DIY Pythagoras Cup, step-by-step tutorial

Step 1: First, children, cut the end of the straw closest to the bend at a 45-degree angle. Then, cut off the sharp-edged tip. The children bend the straw carefully. (Be careful when using tools, you can ask parents to help)

Alpha science classroom love reminder

Depending on the size of the plastic cup, you may also want to shorten the straw. If you want to shorten the straw, make sure to cut the end furthest from the elbow.

Step 2: Children use thumbtacks to make a small hole in the center of the bottom of one of the plastic cups. Then, use scissors to widen it. The straw should fit the hole just right.

Step 3: children put the straw through the cup so that the curved end of the straw is inside the cup. Then, hot glue the flat end of the curved side of the straw to the bottom of the plastic cup.

Step 4: children turn the cup upside down and seal the space around the straw with hot glue.

Step 5:  children put the transparent plastic cup lid on top of the second cup.

Step 6: Then, children carefully put the first plastic cup on the lid, passing the straw through the hole in the lid.


Step 7: Children add food coloring to the water to better understand the trick! Now kids can try your Pythagoreas Cup! Fill the third plastic cup with water and start pouring it into the top cup. What happens if I fill the cup under the straw? What happens if I fill the cup over the straw?

After you have made your first Pythagorean cup, try to modify it to make a stunt cup that deceives your friends! Don't use the second cup to catch the water, but cut the straw so that it is flush with the bottom of the first cup, and then ask your friend if he wants a drink!

Alpha science classroom: DIY Pythagoras Cup, the science behind it

How is this going?

The Pythagoras cup is an interesting example of children's physical science experiments with a siphon, which is a device that uses gravity to drain liquid from a container. When the cup is filled with water, the short end of the straw starts to be filled with water, reaching the same height as the water in the cup. Once the water level reaches the bend at the top of the straw, due to gravity, some water starts to flow down the long end of the straw. At this point, the straw begins to function like a siphon: the drain from the long end of the straw creates a low-pressure area at the end of the straw. The weight of the water in the cup can now push more water into the straw, which will rush to the low-pressure area, up and over the bend of the straw, and then flow out of the bottom of the cup. Once this cycle begins, the siphon tube will actually drain all the water in the cup.

The story of the Pythagoras Cup

Alpha science classroom research shows that the Greek mathematician Pythagoras who proposed the Pythagorean theorem of right triangles invented the Pythagoras Cup to encourage restraint in drinking. The Pythagoras cup can work as a normal cup as long as it doesn’t fill the rim, but if a greedy person fills the cup, the siphon will work and spill everything in the cup to the drinking water. Of people.

Today, the best use of the Pythagoras Cup is as a magic joke cup-see if the kids can fool your friends! Well, the children’s physics science experiment in the alpha science classroom is over. Through this fun kid’s science experiment activity, children learn the mysteries of gravity and siphon and take another step towards scientific exploration. Follow us to learn more about science. Fun truth.

Children can also go to alpha science toys, where we have prepared many equally interesting scientific experiment kits for children to help them learn scientific knowledge and explore the magic of science.


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