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Alpha Science Classroom: DIY Lung Models

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Do the kids know what's going on and you do it all day long? Breathe! In fact, kids breathe more than 23,000 times a day. The lungs are an important organ for our breathing, so do kids know how they work? Today, Alpha Science Class teaches kids to make DIY lung models and unravel the mystery of the lung organ through basic bioscience science experiment projects. Also, through this fun kid's science experiment, we will unveil the magic of human beings for kids.

Alpha Science Classroom: DIY lung model, materials you need

  • Sturdy plastic bottle

  • Straws

  • Rubber bands (2 pieces)

  • Scissors

  • Balloons (2)

  • Modeling clay

Alpha Science Classroom. step-by-step tutorial for DIY lung model

Step 1: First, children ask an adult to help cut the bottle in half. The edges of the bottle may be sharp, so children must be careful!

Step 2: Children then tie a knot at the end of the balloon and cut off the top.

Step 3: Children pull the balloon to the end of the bottle and secure it with a rubber band. Don't worry if your bottle gets a little squashed, it will still work!

Step 4: Kids slide the straw into another balloon and secure it with a rubber band.

Have a test! Blow through the straw to make sure the balloon is inflated. If not, your rubber band may be too tight or too loose.

Step 5: The children push the balloon into the bottle. Press modeling clay around the straw to hold it in place and seal the opening. Test it out! Blow again and adjust the clay until the balloon is inflated.


Step 6: Children hold the bottle and pull down the knot of the balloon. Observe the balloon in the bottle. What happens?

Step 7: Burp! Quickly pull the knot on the balloon a few times. Do the children see the balloon in the bottle jump? This is what happens when you burp. When kids' burp, your diaphragm moves down quickly and draws air into your lungs - HIC!

Alpha Science Lesson. The science behind the lung model

What's it all about?

Alpha Science Class teaches kids that when you breathe in air, it goes into your lungs and separates out the oxygen your body needs. Then your lungs suck back in anything you don't need. The oxygen is delivered to your bloodstream, where it is used to create the energy you need to do anything, such as run, eat, and talk.

Underneath your lungs, a large muscle called the diaphragm is hard at work to help you breathe! This is the diaphragm. When you inhale, the diaphragm moves downward. This creates more space in your chest and fills your lungs with air.

The model lungs made by the children work in the same way. When you pull down the balloon knot, there will be more space in the bottle. This fills the bottle with air just like your lungs!

The lung models made by the children show you how the lung organs work. The children can show the kids the amazing results. The Alpha Science class hopes to help children understand the code of the human body through this biological science experiment so that they can enjoy it. We hope that the children's science experiment activities will bring learning help and fun and healthy growth.

Alpha Science Toys also prepares various kid's science experiment kits for children to uncover hidden scientific mysteries through different scientific principles, grow up happily and become future scientists.


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