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Alpha science classroom: DIY Liquid Hourglass

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The hourglass was the best instrument for keeping track of time in ancient times. All children have seen hourglasses, but did they know that they can also be made with liquid? Today, Alpha science classroom is working with kids to DIY Liquid Hourglass to make hourglass through new making methods and special ways that can make it fun to keep track of time.  At the same time, it also helps children to learn the magic knowledge in children's chemical experiments, so that children can learn about more interesting kid's science experiment activities.

Alpha science classroom: DIY Liquid Hourglass, the materials you need

  • Water bottle (2) (they must be the same)

  • Straw (2)

  • drill

  • Scissors

  • adhesive tape

  • Vegetable oil (enough to fill a bottle)

  • Water (enough to fill a bottle)

  • Mark (optional)

  • Food coloring (optional)

  • Funnel (optional)

  • Hot Glue (Super Glue)

Alpha Science Class: DIY Liquid Hourglass, Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: First, children remove the two lids from the plastic bottle, and then use hot glue or super glue to stick on the top of the lid. Press them towards each other to ensure a good seal.

Tip: Let an adult handle the hot glue or super glue!

Step 2: After children wait for the glue to dry, add a piece of tape around the one-piece cap to ensure a liquid-tight seal. Using a marker, mark two dots on one side of the hat. You will use these points as a reference for drilling holes.

Step 3: Before children start this step, please make sure that adults operate the drill. Find a drill with the same circumference as the straw. Using a drill, drill two holes in the lid. Don't worry about using a drill bit larger than the circumference of the straw!

Step 4: children carefully cut out two 2-inch straws. Pass a straw down 1/3 of a hole. Install the second straw on the other side, through the second hole, and down 1/3. If the straws do not fit, please use hot glue or super glue to fix them.

Step 5: children remove any packaging around the plastic bottle. Take a bottle and fill the funnel with vegetable oil. Fill the bottle almost to the top and stop about 1 cm from the edge.

Step 6: children fill the second bottle with water. Make sure to stop at the edge where the lid is closed. We added some blue and red food coloring to spice up our liquid hourglass! Add any color you want-please note that the final color will be mixed, so our color becomes purple.


Step 7: When the glue on the straws is dry, the children screw one of the caps onto the oil bottle.

Step 8: children quickly flip the oil bottle and screw the other cap onto the water bottle. Flip the hourglass again so that the oil is at the bottom and the water is at the top. Watching the exchange of liquid imitate an hourglass!


Make sure not to squeeze the bottle when rotating it. This is easier than it looks!

Alpha Science Classroom: The scientific knowledge behind the DIY liquid hourglass

The alpha science classroom tells the children that in this children's chemistry experiment, you see oil floating on the water. This is because water is denser than oil. Density is a measure of the tightness of material packaging. When oil and water are combined, the water will sink to the bottom and the less dense oil will float to the top. Because the liquid must pass through the hole in the lid, this will happen to drop by drop, forming your oily hourglass!

ok, now kids DIY liquid hourglass is done, and kids can add little toys to the water to make this kid's chemistry experiment even more fun, Alpha science classroom hopes kids to learn the difference between oil and water by making liquid hourglass. Unravel the mysteries of children's science experiments, let kids learn the knowledge happily, and become the greatest magician of science.

Alpha Science Toys has prepared more interesting children's chemistry experiment kits for children to help children explore the magical world of chemistry, let children learn chemical knowledge, and create their own magical world of chemistry!


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