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Alpha science classroom:DIY Invisible Soda

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Milk goes well with cereals, cookies, cakes, pies, and other foods that can bring nutrition and energy to children. Milk, however, does not go well with dark sodas, so what kind of effect does mixing milk and soda have? Today, the alpha science classroom teaches children to DIY Invisible Soda, a fun chemistry experiments for kids that unlocks the hidden scientific mysteries of the different ingredients. At the same time, this kid's science experiment activity will help you understand why some people think that soda may be stealing an important nutrient from your body. To "set the record straight" for everyone.

Alpha Science Classroom: DIY Invisible Soda Chemistry Experiment Materials

  • 20 oz (591 ml) bottle of any dark non-slimming cola

  • 2% milk

  • Adult guardianship

Alpha Science Classroom: DIY Invisible Soda Chemistry Experiment Steps

The first step: First, children remove the label from the bottle, it is easier to see all the chemical and physical effects. Cut the edges with scissors and the label will peel off—mostly. Slowly open the bottle, then slowly—again—pour in enough milk to raise the soda level and bring it closer to the top.

Step 2: First, the children will cap and tighten the bottle. You can gently rotate the bottle to slightly mix the contents, but this is not required. Keep the bottle undisturbed in a quiet place.


Step 3: Ask the children to keep track of what is happening inside the bottle. Every 15 minutes a photo or a video will track things for data collection. Plan a few hours anyway. The longer you wait, the more obvious the difference you will see. The upper three-quarters of the bottle is finally transparent liquid, and the bottom quarter is solid material.

Alpha Science Classroom: The science behind DIY Invisible Soda

Children have seen what happens when vinegar or orange juice is dripped into milk. The milk coagulates due to the acid content of vinegar (acetic acid) and orange juice (citric acid) and forms a solid (precipitate) where the droplets are. When the cola is diluted with milk, the phosphoric acid in the soda will cause the milk to condense into small balls. The entire bottle has undergone a surprising chemical change, as the curdled milk slowly falls to the bottom, followed by a physical change.

The chemical change is the reaction of phosphoric acid in soda water with calcium in milk to produce two new products: tricalcium phosphate and hydrogen.

The equation is as follows: 3Ca + 2H3PO4 —> Ca3(PO4)2 + 3H2

Tricalcium phosphate is sediment that falls out of the liquid and settles at the bottom, taking away almost all the caramel coloring in the soda. The hydrogen gas bubbles to the top and fills the space under the bottle cap together with the CO2 that used to be held in solution by soda water.

Alpha science classroom research shows that, over time, repeated consumption of high levels of phosphoric acid in a large number of soft drinks may increase the chance of osteoporosis (long-term weak, porous, and fragile bones) for those who do not get enough calcium. diet. This simple demonstration shows that this is also possible. Drinking a glass of soda occasionally may be fine, but make sure you get the calcium you need first every day!

Today, in the alpha science classroom, a special chemistry experiments for kids activity, children not only learned about the characteristics of milk and soda but also learned this magic. Children can show this kid's science experiment magic to their little ones and also let them witness the charm and magic of science and explore the magic of science together.

Alpha science toys create a magic time for kids full of kids chemistry science experiment kits with different types of chemical phenomena to show the charm of science for kids and help them become the greatest scientists.


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