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Alpha science classroom: DIY Glow In The Dark Halloween Pumpkin Sugar Crystal

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Alpha science classroom know kids love growing crystal science experiments for kids, Halloween is also one of the children's favorite holidays, Pumpkins, grimaces, scary parties, and the sweetest candy are all children's favorite Halloween elements. Alpha science classroom will mix these elements together, Do the science experiments for kids with simple materials, make DIY glow in the dark Halloween pumpkin sugar crystal, add some festive cheer to a Halloween party with kids together. 

Glow-In-The -Dark-Halloween-sugar-crystal-toys

Alpha science classroom: DIY Glow In The Dark Halloween Pumpkin Sugar Crystal Material

  • Pipe cleaners: yellow, white, blue, and dark colors, any quantity is ok.

  • Borax

  • Glow in the Dark Paint

  • Fishing line {twine or yarn would work too}

  • Pencils or wooden skewers

  • Scissors

  • Glasses or plastic container (one for each shape)

  • Measuring cup

  • Mixing Bowl

  • Blacklight (optional, but makes the glow brighter)

Alpha science classroom: DIY Glow In The Dark Halloween Pumpkin Sugar Crystal Material Steps

1.Twisting the orange pipe cleaners into pumpkin shapes. We used one whole pipe cleaner per pumpkin. You can squish them around a bit to be longer or rounder as you please. Each one will definitely be unique.

We added a long green pipe cleaner stem which also serves as a way to suspend the pumpkins in the solution. You could also do brown and add leaves or make a curly vine! So many options for creativity that it also makes for a great craft project for the craftier scientist. Basic works too!

2.When the crystal molds are ready, the kids use fishing lines to tie each of the weird creations to a wooden string. (Crystals don't grow on fishing line, though it's a little tricky to tie up, they get tangled.)

Kids can put each shape into the glass bottle and make sure it doesn't touch any side or bottom. If they do touch, the shape will adhere to the jar and may break when removed.


3.Measuring out 1/4 cup of borax per cup of boiling water and mixed the solution until the borax dissolved.

Caution: Adult help is necessary when kids work with hot, hot water.

4.To make the crystals glow, A added about 2-3 tablespoons of glow-in-the-dark paint to the borax solution and mixed until well combined.  We used orange for the pumpkins and pink for the bat.  She then poured the solution into the jars and lowered in the shaped making sure they didn’t touch the sides or bottom.

5.Now all we need to do is wait. Within an hour you could see some of the borax precipitating out, mostly on the sides and bottom but my kiddos had to hold off until the next day for their favorite part: revealing the crystals.  We patted them dry then headed to a dark room to see the results.

Alpha science classroom:Secret behind of sugar crystal

Alpha science classroom: In this children's science project, children see crystals formed from borax on a pipe cleaner. 

In this science experiment for kids, children see crystals formed from borax on a pipe cleaner. (The borax you started with was also crystal, but the crystals you grew were much larger.)

Alpha science classroom: Isn't today's glow in the dark Halloween pumpkin sugar crystal science experiment for kids fun? Kids can use their imagination to make all the shapes they want from pipe cleaner, decorate their "haunted house" on Halloween, be the best little devil, and earn the most candy! Kids can also go to alpha Science Toys' Glow in the Dark series to pick out their favorite sets and explore more of the scientific secrets of glowing in the Dark!


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