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Alpha science classroom:DIY giant growing crystal rainbow science experiments for kids

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Alpha science toys knows that children have a dream of having a colorful crystal world, and they have many shiny crystal toys to fill the room with colorful light. The growing crystal toy is also one of the children's favorite science experiments for kids. Alpha Science Toys knows many different ways to make beautiful crystals with borax, and children have also done many science experiments for kids on growing crystals. Today, Alpha science classroom create a huge rainbow crystal with children together, so that children can have a crystal world that exudes colorful light.

Alpha science classroom:CRYSTAL Science Experiment

Alpha science classroom:DIY Giant Growing Crystal Rainbow--Material:

1. Borax

2. Hot water

3. Giant pipe cleaner (different colors)

4. Transparent fishing line (similar to this)

5. Pencil or chopsticks

6. Large containers can completely submerge your rainbow.

Alpha science classroom:DIY giant growing crystal rainbow--production steps:

Step 1: children can make a large pipe cleaner into a rainbow. Tie the left and right sides of the bottom to the strings to fix them together. Children don't need to tie the rainbow too tightly to keep the shape of the rainbow, just keep the rainbow in one place. We used very clear, flexible fishing line so that it would not be easily cut after soaking.

Step 2: With the help of parents, children can fill a large container of borax and hot water to dissolve the borax. Make borax crystals based on the Alpha Science Toy DIY giant growing crystal RAINBOW recipe, please click here to get the ratio used.

Step 3: Children use pencils or chopsticks (in our case) and pass the rope through the ends of the rainbow to hang it. The children put the unformed material in an undisturbed place and let the material soak overnight. We let it soak for at least 12 hours.

The next morning, the children and their parents carefully pulled the rainbow out and cut the rope. In this way, children will have a beautiful DIY giant growing crystal rainbow.

The children are excited to see the crystal grow up, and the children can string the fishing line and hang it in their room as a cheerful decoration.

One of the troubleshooting techniques-the crystals do not evenly surround our huge pipe cleaner. I suspect this is because the container we are using is too narrow and the side of the pipe cleaner is too close to the side of the container. If you want a very complete crystalline appearance, I suggest you fill a container large enough to ensure that the suspension is uniform on all sides.

Alpha science classroom:growing crystal

Alpha science classroom:DIY giant growing crystal rainbow scientific principles.

One of the most obvious characteristics of water is its ability to dissolve other substances. In this DIY giant growing crystal rainbow science experiment for kids, the borax powder is dissolved in water until the solution is saturated, which means that no more powder is absorbed by the water. Water will dissolve more powder as it gets hot. As the water cools, the powder begins to solidify, that is, from liquid to solid. The precipitated solids stick together to form crystals.

Today’s Alpha science classroom DIY giant growing crystal rainbow science experiment for kids is completed. Have the children learned it?

Is the DIY giant growing crystal rainbow made by the children very beautiful? Alpha science classroom has more interesting science experiments for kids and children's science toys. Alpha science toys hopes that every child can have fun in the process of science experiments for kids, learn the scientific knowledge, cultivate children's various abilities, and help children grow up happily as they dream.

Have the children tried to make more beautiful crystals? Alpha science toys growing crystal series toys are definitely the best choice for children. Let the children try different methods to make more growing crystals of different shapes and colors!


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