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Alpha science classroom: DIY Conveyor Belt Cinema

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The earliest movies are composed of pictures. Do you know why they move? The Alpha Science Classroom will have a DIY conveyor belt theater activity today. This fun children's physical science experiment can help children discover the mysteries of vision and movement of objects, and children can also enjoy the help of kid’s science experiments in learning.

Alpha science classroom: DIY Conveyor Belt Cinema,Materials you'll need

  • empty crate (small cardboard box)

  • craft knife (optional)

  • toilet paper tubes (2)

  • dowels (2)

  • pencil

  • scissors

  • hot glue gun

  • pushpins

  • hole punch (optional)

  • paper

  • double-sided tape

  • paperclip

  • Printables

Alpha Science Class:  DIY Conveyor Belt Cinema, Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: First, kids collect your materials! The children carefully cut off the top of the box.

Step 2: Using thumbtacks, the children cut two holes on both sides of the long side of the box, about 6 inches apart. Use a pair of scissors to widen the hole until the pin is loosely inserted into it.

Step 3:  children draw the end of the toilet paper tube on a piece of heavy paper 4 times. Then, cut out each circle.

Step 4: children make a large enough hole in the center of each circle so that the pin can be inserted snugly.

Step 5: children hot glue the circle to the end of each tube. After drying, gently pass a pin through each tube.

Step 6: children hot glue the pins to both ends of the cardboard tube, so that the pins and the tube rotate together.

Step 7: children insert each end of the two pins into the opposite holes in the box.


Step 8: children wrap the printable background image around the tube and use double-sided tape to stick the ends of the paper together. The paper should be as tight as possible.

Step 9:  children straighten the paper clip. Use double-sided tape to stick the printable still image on the paper clip.

Step 10:  children poke up the paperclip from the bottom middle of the box.

Step 11: children bend the paper clip to keep it where they want it. You may need to thermally glue it in place.

Alpha Science Classroom:  DIY Conveyor Belt Cinema Playback Method

Now you can watch your movie! Just turn the pin in one direction. To watch your movies "rewind", turn them in another direction! After mastering the trick, try to make your own backgrounds and images!

The DIY conveyor belt cinema has been completed, now introduce your movie to your family and play it. At the same time, explain the principles of physical science experiments. I hope that children can learn basic physical science in this kid's science experiment activity, exercise their hands-on ability, and become the smartest scientists.

Alpha Science Toys has prepared other special children's physical science experiment kits to help children understand vision and physical science. It can help children explore the scientific mysteries hidden in physics.


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