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Alpha science classroom: DIY Bow and Arrow

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As the most important cold weapon for human beings, bows, and arrows give us a great opportunity to help us. In fact, bow and arrow also contain a magical scientific mystery. Do children know what it is? Today, the alpha science toys classroom teaches children to DIY Bow and Arrow. Through this simple handicraft activity, we can unlock the power of Bow and Arrow for children little by little, and learn the knowledge and principles of physical science experiments for children. At the same time, through these interesting kid's science experiment activities, we can cultivate children's thinking ability and practical ability, so that children can become the most powerful scientists and soldiers.

alpha science toys classroom prompts students not to shoot at family members after making bows and arrows. Don't use anything other than straw as an arrow, either. Be safe! Because it would be dangerous, and it would hurt the family.

alpha science toys classroom: DIY Bow and Arrow, Materials you'll need

  • dowels (2) (3/16")

  • paper straws

  • tape

  • string

  • Scissors

Alpha science classroom: DIY Bow and Arrow , Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: First, children should overlap the 2 pins by about two and a half inches. Glue them together as tightly as possible. Make sure that the tape also extends beyond their connection point.

Step 2: children wrap the tape tightly around the end of each pin until the tape is about 1 inch in diameter.

Step 3: children are required to cut the rope so that it is a few inches longer than the length of the 2 pins that are glued together with tape.

Step 4: children tied an open knot near one end of the rope, and then put it on top of one of the wooden pegs.

Step 5: children tie an open knot near the other end of the rope and bend the dowel so that you can stretch the rope to fit the other end of the dowel.

Note: If the positioning pin is close to breaking during this step, the rope is too short.


Step 6:  children cut grooves on the paper straw so that it can leave grooves on the bowstring. Now you can test your bow and arrow!

Try how far your arrow can fly? See what happens when you add a small weight (such as a marshmallow or a piece of clay) to the front end of the arrow!

alpha science toys classroom: DIY Bows and Arrows, the Scientific Principles Behind

How is this going?

Tell the children in the Alpha Science Classroom. Due to the effective design of the bow and arrow, the bow and arrow are one of the oldest techniques still in existence today. Because of the tension created when the bowstring bends the bow backward, the bow can shoot the arrow a long distance. This tension can be relieved by releasing the bowstring, which allows the bow to quickly bend back to its original shape and throw the arrow forward. You may be surprised at how powerful your bow is and how accurate your goal can be with some practice! This is the ancient physical science principle.

Once the kids are finished, see if you can hit the target! Or host an archery competition at home with friends or family members to see who can score the most points. Today's alpha Science classroom is over. Today's children's physical science experiment activity vividly explains the working principle of bow and arrow for children, helps children understand the tension, the flight principle of the arrow and other knowledge, shows the fun and importance of kid's science experiment activities, let children fall in love with science.

Alpha Science Toys also prepares many interesting physics science experiment kits and chemistry experiment kits for children, helping children learn science and grow up happily with the most interesting children science experiment projects.


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