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Alpha science classroom:DIY Balance Scales

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As we all know, it's difficult for children to distinguish the weight of objects. Today, Alpha Science Classroom and children learn the concept of gravity and the physical science experiment knowledge related to gravity through the simple kid's science experiment activity called DIY Balance Scales, so that the children could enjoy the joy of learning.

Alpha science classroomDIY Balance Scales need is:

  • a children’s clothes hanger with notches

  • 2 x paper cups

  • kitchen twine

  • single hole punch

  • Scissors

Alpha Science Classroom: DIY Balance Steps

Step 1.children hang the hanger in a place where it can swing easily and is low enough for the children to reach.

We hung clothes hangers on the door of our storeroom cupboard.

Step 2: The children need to use a puncher to punch holes on both sides of the paper cup. Cut out two equal-length twines, tie them to the paper cup, and turn them into two small buckets.

Leave enough twine to make a suitable bucket "handle" because it will make it easier for children to fill the bucket, and it will be easier for them to put the bucket on and off the hanger later.

Step 3. children find toys of different weights to fill each bucket.

This is not important, the more random the better. Which bucket do the children think is heavier?

kids-physical-science-experiment (2)

Step 4. children put the bucket on the hanger to see which is the heaviest and therefore hangs the lowest.

Did the kids guess right? Now let the kids find more things to test! Can they adjust the content to balance the balance?

Alpha science classroom: the scientific principles behind DIY Balance Scales

The alpha science classroom tells the children that we can feel its gravity because the earth is too big. Gravity is the force that pulls everything into the middle of a large object, in this case, the ground (or core). When something feels heavy, what we actually feel is the result of gravity pulling the object.

The physical science experiment from Alpha Science Classroom is finished today. Although it is a very simple kids science experiment, it can help children develop their scientific curiosity. Children can freely use their imaginations to learn more interesting scientific knowledge and strive to become the smartest little scientist.

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