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Alpha science classroom: DIY a Craft Stick Harmonica

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If children do some craft activities while listening to music, it will certainly be a fun time for them. Today, Alpha science classroom will make DIY a craft stick harmonica with children. This craft stick harmonica is fun to play with, and children can adjust the pitch by moving the straw around. It is hoped that through this simple craft activity, children will be able to explore the mysteries of sound science experiments and help them become the best harmonica players.

Alpha science classroom:Make DIY a Craft Stick Harmonica you will need the following materials

  • Jumbo craft sticks (2)

  • A wide rubber band

  • Two smaller rubber bands

  • A straw

  • Scissors

  • Cut two pieces of straw that are 1-1 .5 inches long.

Alpha science classroom:How to make DIY a Craft Stick Harmonica

The first step: Children need to tighten one of the craft rods with a thick rubber band. Then put straw under the rubber band.

Step 2: Children need to put another cane on it and attach them to the same end of the straw with a small rubber band.

Step 3: Glue another straw to the other end of the harmonica, but this time place it on top of the wide rubber band. Use the second small rubber band to secure the end.

Step 4: Children want to play the harmonica, they have to do is to play. Our little ones wanted to blend in at first, but then they mastered it.


The harmonica makes a very cool sound! When blowing, the wide rubber band will vibrate and make a sound.

To change the pitch, slide the straw closer or farther. When children slide them closer, the vibrating rubber band will be shorter, so the sound will be higher. Slide the straw all the way to the edge to get the lowest sound (still high, but lower).

Does the thickness or tension of the wide rubber band affect the pitch? Try a different one.

Can children change the pitch by blowing stronger or weaker? Does the shape of the mouth affect the pitch?

Observation results

Alpha science classroom tells children that the sound of the musical instrument is actually the sound produced by the vibration of a large rubber band when it is blown over, just like the vibrating string of a violin when a violinist plays. When playing an instrument, you may have noticed that you can feel the vibrating rubber band through the joystick. In addition, when you turn the instrument over and press the rubber band, you may find that there is no sound when blowing over it. You can observe that the sound is produced by the rubber band, and when you stop the rubber band from moving, you will not make any sound.

Today, Alpha Science Classroom's music class has come to an end. DIY a Craft Stick Harmonica is really cool for kids, let's do this fun sound science experiments with your friends to make more special harmonicas and form a special band to spread the joy to more kids.

Alpha science toys have a lot of sound science experiment kits for children, children can come to Alpha to choose their favorite toy kit to explore more secrets about the sound.


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