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Alpha science classroom: Craft Stick Chain Reaction

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Do kids know what a chain reaction is? It's not simply the movement of an object. Today Alpha Science Classroom is using Craft Stick Chain Reaction, an ordinary children's physical science experiment in which a few simple craft sticks gently tapped can demonstrate a series of actions as magical as dominoes. Kids try this kids' science experiments project to demonstrate the amazing power of chain reactions!

Alpha Science Classroom: Craft Stick Chain Reaction, Materials You Need

Giant craft sticks

Alpha Science Classroom: Craft Stick Chain Reaction, Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: First, children gather the materials they need. Then, two craft sticks are placed on a long "X" shaped table.

Step 2: Then, children tape a third craft stick underneath the end of the craft stick in the upper left corner. Be sure to hold down the "X" shape as you do this and the following steps! If you release the "X", the chain reaction will start prematurely and you will have to start over.

Step 3: Children carefully tape the fourth craft stick under the end of the craft stick in the lower right corner.

Step 4: Children place the fifth craft stick under the end of the craft stick, near the left side of the craft stick in the upper right corner.


At this point, you need to change the shape of the "X" you are holding down. Move your hand over the "X" you created in step 3. As you continue to build, continue to move your hand, holding down the updated "X" shape.

Step 5: Children place the sixth craft stick under the end of the craft stick, just to the left of the craft stick in the lower right corner.

Step 6: Children continue to add craft sticks in this manner until they run out of craft sticks or until they reach the length they want. Our chain is about two to three feet long.

Step 7: Children carefully release the "X" and observe what happens. Is there a chain reaction?

Alpha Science Classroom: The Science Principles of Craft Stick Chain Reaction

Alpha Science Classroom wants to ask the kids that they just witnessed a chain reaction! How did they do it? This happens because of the tension of all the process rods that you weave together to form. When you bend the craft stick, it will form a new shape by stretching and bending the Mada spring, these fibers don't want to stay bent-they want to go back to their normal, unstretched shape, and they would if they could. That's why it's hard to bend and weave sticks, and why you have to keep the "X" shape. The bent craft stick stores this tension and waits to release it and return to normal. By weaving a bunch of craft sticks into a chain, you can store more and more tension. And when you release the last "X", it sets off a chain reaction! Each bar quickly returns to its normal shape, and all the tension released throws the bar into the air. This is what energy and motion are all about in physics.

Today, children have learned something about the magical power hidden in chain reactions through Alpha Science Class Craft Stick Chain Reaction, a children's physical science experiment project. Children use their imagination to try similar kid's science experiments activities with different materials, explore more amazing mysteries about physical science experiments, master more powerful physics knowledge, and grow up to be smart physicists.

alpha science toys also have many equally interesting kids' physical science experiment kits to help kids explore physical science knowledge and have fun with science, so come on kids!


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