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Alpha science classroom:Coin Tower Trick

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Inertia is everywhere in our daily life. But what exactly is it? Today, the alpha science classroom teaches children to perform Coin Tower Trick, a live demonstration of inertia through this fun physical science experiments activity for kids. The materials for this kid's science experiment activity are easily accessible, and it is easy to learn the scientific mysteries involved.

Alpha Science Classroom Tip:

Adult supervision is required for this experiment. Be careful of children swallowing coins. Hold the ruler tightly in case it is thrown away.

Alpha science classroom: Coin Tower Trick, materials needed for the experiment

  • Coins

  • Ruler

Alpha Science Classroom: Coin Tower Technique, Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1 -: Children can stack a few coins on any flat platform.

Step 2: Then, children use a ruler to quickly hit the bottom of the coins. You will notice that the bottom of the stack of coins is hit away, but the top coins are hit away.


Alpha Science Class: Coin Tower Trick, Science Principle

This physical science experiment for kids in alpha science classroom shows kids that the inertia behind this inertial coin tower comes from Newton's first law of motion, which states that in an inertial frame of reference, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant speed unless acted upon by a force. This means that whenever an external force is applied to the coin towers, the towers want to remain in their stacked position. In other words, this is where the frictional force comes into play. Friction is a sticky force that occurs when two objects rub against each other. If you push or pull slowly, the friction helps pull or push the coins in the tower and at the bottom. But if you push or pull quickly, the coins still rub, but the friction doesn't have time to make the pile move. So the coins get knocked out without pulling the tower together. Instead, the tower falls almost perfectly into its previous position.

The washing machine was designed according to Newton's first law of motion.

Inertia is the most important phenomenon in physics. Do children know that a spinning gyroscope will never stop if there is no inertia, this is the power of inertia? I believe that today, the alpha science classroom's children's physics science experiment activity has given children a clear answer, there is much interesting knowledge in inertia, children can use their imagination to expand more interesting kid's science experiments activities and become the next awesome physicist.

alpha science toys have also created interesting science experiment kits for kids to help them learn about physics while having fun with science and letting them grow up happily in the world of science.


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