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Alpha science classroom:Christmas Growing salt crystals gingerbread man science experiment

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Are children bored at home during the holidays and don't know what to do with their free time? Today, Alpha science classroom brings children a special Christmas science experiment. Do you know, this science experiment can grow crystal using the ingredients from the kitchen? Children can grow salt crystals at home or in the classroom and make a theme about the Gingerbread man of Christmas. The growing salt crystals Gingerbread Man Science Project is perfect for young scientists in the Alpha science classroom.

Children who follow Alpha Science Classroom know, we usually grow crystals using a borax solution, but Alpha Science Toys bet it can be much easier, I saw these awe-inspiring salt crystal tree ornaments and think this will be the perfect experiment for our gingerbread themed science department!

In Alpha Science Classroom, from crystals to slime to ice melting to candy canes, we have simple science activities for Christmas.


Alpha science classroom:Growing salt crystals in gingerbread man science experiments You will need

  • Table Salt

  • Very Hot Water

  • Bowl/Spoon

  • Construction Paper Cut-Outs

  • Plate/Pan

Alpha science classroom soft reminder:Children need much salt and hot water, adult help is necessary while heating water and do the experiment.

Alpha science classroom: growing salt crystals Gingerbread Man Science Experiment steps

1.Children need to cut out some shapes too. Can use cookie cutters to trace out these gingerbread men, can also use any Christmas shapes (or any time of the year shapes) you want! There are a lot of fun activities you can do with cookie cutters!

2.Heat the prepared water, add salt into the hot water and wait for it dissolves totally.

3.Cut the gingerbread man into pieces and place them in a pan or dish. Pour the salt solution over the gingerbread man slowly until it is covered.


4.Place your plate or pan in a sunny spot where it won't be disturbed. Now the children just need to wait for the water to evaporate. Check them often and record any changes to them.

Alpha science classroom:Growing salt crystals in gingerbread man science experiments

Alpha Science Classroom: Salt crystal in gingerbread man is very interesting. Growing salt crystals gingerbread man  is a perfect christmas science experiment for dressing your Christmas Tree! Our salt crystal gingerbread men were really fun to explore and observe. Children can explore more scientific mysteries through crystal growing science experiment activities.

Alpha science toys have many other interesting crystal growing kits, can help children explore and observe the growth of the crystal, And have very christmas science experiments, suitable for children to do at home so that children can learn interesting scientific knowledge in the joy!


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