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Alpha science classroom: Build a Marble Run with Straws

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If you're looking for a fun kids' physical science experiment challenge for your kids on a hot summer day, Alpha science classroom Build a Marble Run with Straws, is just what you need today! The kids are always trying to run with marbles at home. Today, Alpha science classroom hands kids a fun marble run with materials from around the house, perfect for rainy days or quiet afternoons. Let the kids have fun while learning about physical science in children's science experiment activities and really get to share the fun and learning.

Alpha science classroom: Build a Marble Run with Straws, Supplies Needed

  • Large, shallow-ish cardboard box

  • Straws – either paper or plastic

  • Glue gun

  • Scissors

  • Plastic bottle caps

Alpha science classroom: Build a Marble Run with Straws, Making Steps

Step 1: First, we taped the inside of the maze using a cryogenic gun, as it was safe for the kids to use it themselves. (Always be careful, of course you know if your child is ready!)

Step 2:There are different ways for parents to build this marble run. I've seen people use boxes and straws to make marble mazes. You tilt the box back and forth to make the marble roll through a maze made of straw. This is fun to do, but for this project, we decided to use a book to support one end of the box and create a route for the marble to roll down. You can do either one!

Step 3: We did a test run for each piece after we added it. We also took turns securing the next piece in place and releasing the marble to make sure it would work the way we wanted it to before gluing it in place.

Step 4: Kids need to know that if the ramps are too steep, the marbles will get out of control. But if they're not steep enough, the marble may get stuck or not gather enough momentum.

One good thing, however, is that you can always adjust the incline of the box. This can help if the ramp is too steep.

Step 5: Kids need to build more than one path to give you two starting points for your marble run! It makes it more fun. Our marbles didn't go the same way every time. Even if we start them on the right side, they may finish on the right or jump to the left.


Step 6: We used some straw segments to make landing points for the marbles. To do this, we used two layers of straws to make the walls a little higher. The plastic caps were really interesting addition to our marble run. We placed them where the marbles had to go around them.

Finally, wait for the glue to finish drying, and the kids can have a marble competition at home to see who's the best!

Well, today, the Alpha science classroom physical science experiment activities for kids are over, I believe the children enjoyed this summer's special children's science experiment activities, science has no limits, children can play their own clever, find out more activities about physics and science, find out which hidden knowledge, and become the smartest scientists.

Alpha science toys have prepared many fun kids' physical science experiment kits to help kids learn and have fun with science at the same time. Have fun and enjoy the joy of science with fun.


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