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Alpha science classroom: Build a Hydraulic Elevator

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Do the kids know how these appliances work? Today, Alpha Science Classroom teaches kids to Build a Hydraulic Elevator. Alpha Science Class uncovers the science behind machines and hydraulics through fun physical science experiments for kids. Through these special kid's science experiments, children will have fun, learn the magical mysteries of physics, and become little geniuses in physics.

Alpha Science Classroom: Building a hydraulic elevator, materials needed

  • Giant Popsicle Stick (17)

  • Iron wire

  • Wooden kebab (2)

  • 2 - 10 ml syringes

  • Thin plastic tubing

Alpha Science Classroom: Building a Hydraulic Elevator, Steps to Make

Step 1: Mark the center and two endpoints (about 1/2 inch) on each popsicle stick. You will make a hole at these points and want them to match the others. Stack the sticks on top of each other and tape them together.

Step 2: Using a small drill bit, the kids drill through the points on the tree.  However, this tends to split the ends of the stick a bit, so be careful! Or use a small screwdriver instead - although it takes a little time. Or just use a small screwdriver instead - although it will take a little time.

Step 3: Once the children have holes in both sticks, use a small piece of wire to connect the center points of the two sticks. Do this three times. Then connect the ends of each pair of sticks so that you have a row of 3 overlapping pairs.

Step 4: The children repeat the other half so you have two movable slabs with 6 sticks each. Combine the two sides in the holes at the bottom and top, and put the wooden skewers through the holes. I used 2 skewers cut in half in this step. I also ended up adding a drop of hot glue to each of the sticks where they were secured to keep them from slipping out.

As you can see in the photo, I had a couple of the sticks split a bit and I taped them up with some masking tape.

Step 5: Kids who want to make a platform for the top of the hydraulic lift, simply glue 5 more oversized sticks together.

Next, you'll need to secure the bottom back string to the surface you're using. I tied it to the table to keep it in place.

physical-science experiments

Step 6: Once the syringe is ready, attach one end to the table as well. The end that slides in and out should be tied to the front skewer. Now, as you push the syringe in and out, it will raise and lower the hydraulic lifter.

How do you turn this into a math activity? Add a poster to the back of your hydraulic elevator, marking the floors you want to go to, from 1 to 10. Get the toys on the elevator and add and subtract toys on each floor!

Alpha Science Classroom: Building a Hydraulic Elevator, science Concept

Hydraulics work by moving liquids, like the water in the syringes. Liquids cannot be compressed into a smaller volume. You can test this by filling one of the syringes with water, covering the hole with your finger, and trying to press the plunger down. Can you move it?

No matter how much pressure or weight is applied to the plunger, you will not be able to push it down as long as the hole is covered. This cool property of fluids makes hydraulic technologies possible and allows you to move heavy objects with less force than would otherwise be needed.

As the hydraulic elevator slowly rose, the children's physical science experiment was a success. Alpha Science Class, I hope this kid's science experiment activity can help children understand the simple principles of various machines in life, and at the same time let children have the fun of science, enjoy the learning and growth opportunities brought by exploring science, and achieve the purpose of learning through entertainment, Help children grow into the best physicists they can be.

alpha science toys have prepared many special physical science experiment kits for children. Through interesting science experiment projects, it helps children learn all kinds of amazing science knowledge, grow up happily and realize their science dreams.


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