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Alpha science classroom:Bend Water With Static Electricity

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Kids know that static electricity would appear when the temperature is low. Static electricity can make your hair stand upright and can also move other objects. Today, the Alpha science classroom allows children to learn the static electricity by this simple kids science experiment. When they try this activity, they would be surprised that the water bends like magic. And it can be explained by simple scientific principles so let’s make it come true.

Alpha science classroom:Bend Water With Static Electricity material requested

A dry plastic comb

An indoor faucet

A head is full of clean dry hair.

Alpha science classroom:Bend Water With Static Electricity Experimental steps

 1. First, children turn on the faucet, and then slowly lower the water level until very thin water flows through.

 2. Children need to pick up the plastic comb and comb it ten times.

 3. Now, children slowly bring the comb close to the running water (actually without touching the water). If all goes well,   the water flow should bend toward the comb! Do you ask about magic? Not really.


Alpha science classroom:Bend Water With Static Electricity experiment explanation

The alpha science classroom tells children that when you comb your hair with a comb, a small part of the atoms (called electrons) in the hair will gather on the comb. These electrons carry a negative charge. Remember, this is very important. Since the comb has a negative charge, it will be attracted to something with a positive charge. This is similar to the way certain magnets are attracted to certain metals.

When children bring a negatively charged comb near the faucet, it will be attracted by the positive force of the water. The attraction is strong enough to actually pull the water towards the comb when the water is flowing! If you want to use a comb for other experiments, please tear open the thin paper until they are as small as possible...I mean, it is really small! Then by combing the hair, charge the comb again and bring the comb close to the small paper towel. If the fragments are small enough, they will jump from the table to the comb-like pouring water into the comb, all thanks to the wonder of static electricity. Do you understand?

Did the children bend the water? Is the activity from the Alpha science classroom more interesting? Alpha science toys would tell the kids that there are many interesting projects in an electrostatic science experiments. Children can use their imagination and explore more about physics mystery and grow into the most powerful scientist.

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