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Alpha science classroom:Balloon Balance Experiment

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Air is an important substance for our existence, but children cannot see the existence of air. Generally speaking, we feel that air has no weight because it is invisible and can only be felt. Do children understand the air? Do they really have quality? Today, the Alpha science classroom teaches children to do the "Balloon Balance Experiment". Through this kids science experiments activity, can remove the children's curiosity about "air weight", at the same time, they also can learn different physical science experiment knowledge and enjoy the fun of science brings.  let's start!

Alpha science classroom: Materials needed for Balloon Balance Experiment

  • Two balloons

  • A rope

  • Ruler/long rod (wood or steel)

  • Any sharp objects, such as needles or pins

  • Scotch tape

Alpha science classroom: Balloon Balance Experiment steps

Step 1: First, children use a ruler and rope to establish balance! Take a ruler of the material of your choice and tie a knot in the center with a string. Make sure that the rope is strong enough to fix and balance the scale.

Step 2: Now, the children move the balance to the workbench and connect the other end of the rope to the top for support. If you have a ready-made balance at home, you can also use it.

Step 3: Then, the young and old rice cakes are blown up by themselves. But you need to blow the two older ones to the same size.

Step 4: After the inspection, the children should tie a knot at the mouth of the year with a rope of equal length.

Step 5: Now, it is time for the children to fix the knowledge of the ruler every year, and leave room for the 3-4 inches of the ruler connection. Fix the new year to the ruler at the other end of the rope.

Because we use equal length ropes to fix them in two years, even if there is a ruler on each year, we must observe the years at the same height. Finally, you need to check whether the height of the year and the ruler are the same.

Step 6: At this stage, children please let the balance freely with the same degree of maturity as the size. It is helpful to let the balance adjust itself, and then check that the two are kept at the same height with the ruler in time.

The air quality is the same as that in a year and maintains the same height when freely balanced.


Chapter 7: In step 7, the kids will prove that the air is quality! To prove this, please choose any sharp demeanor and show any one of the two years.

Immediately, it can be observed that the balance car drops in the active activities, and the activities completed by the time of deflation.

Like a seesaw, when children use it, they can move to deflate a child, and you can observe the balance movement.

We can use different quality children's annual variation experiments to check the results.

Alpha science classroom:Balloon balance experiment-scientific explanation

The alpha science classroom found what scientists said, that air is a substance that has mass and occupies space.

Does air have weight?

Let's use children's science experiments to prove that the air has the quality and takes up space. In the balloon balance experiment, we are blowing balloons. When the balloon is blown, air will enter the inside of the balloon and inflate the balloon. So, this shows that air occupies space and ultimately proves that it has weight.

When we tie the balloons to a scale with measured values and deflate one of them, the balance will tilt, that is, the side connected to the inflatable balloon will be below, and the deflated side will be upward.

A deflated balloon loses weight. Due to the weight, the inflated balloon will fall, and the deflated balloon will rise on the scale. Using this, we can prove that air occupies space and has quality.

Why is the air heavy?

When we blow the balloon, the air in the balloon is at high pressure. Because the air volume inside the balloon is compressed in a certain available space inside the balloon.

So when we explore it with a sharp object, the skin of the balloon will move away from the explosion point, allowing air to come out from the outside. The compressed air comes out of the balloon when it explodes because it weighs more than the surrounding air. This shows that the air has weight.

How much does a deflated balloon weigh?

A deflated balloon exhibits the weight of the (deflated) balloon and not the air.

Air has no weight when it is free to move from one place to another, but it contains weight when it is filled inside any container because the air inside a container compresses by the walls of balloons, which gives weight to the air inside the balloon.

Today, the alpha science classroom Balloon balance experiment is over. Alpha science toys tell the children that it is the great Galileo that finds the quality of the air, and the scientist Bryce Pascal who proved it. I hope this interesting physics science experiment can solve the doubts of children. If children want to learn more interesting

kids science experiments activities, please follow the alpha science classroom, it strives to become the best science teaching assistant for children.

If children want to have more fun in science, come to the science magic time created by alpha science toys for children! There are a variety of different science experiments, the most interesting science experiment kit for kids, help children become the greatest scientists.


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