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Alpha science classroom:Balancing Act Science Magic

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Believe that children have seen a lot of magic about balance on TV and video, many children have also tried the balance challenge of mineral water bottles, is it very magical? Do children want to know scientific knowledge and principles? Today Alpha science classroom does it with children Balancing Act Science Magic, It's a cool scientific exploration and technique that children can do with ordinary soda cans. Alpha science classroom through this simple kid's science experiment, let the children understand the mystery of balance and become the coolest balance talent.

Alpha science classroom:Balancing Act Science Magic required materials

  • 1 bottle of unopened Coca-Cola soda (Children don't drink it secretly)

  • 1  measuring cup

  • Water


Alpha science classroom:the steps of Balancing Act Science Magic

First: The children poured a third of the soda into the measuring cup. The precise amount in the can makes all the difference to its balancing ability. This amount isn’t precise (not without a heaping helping of math), so you will have to adjust as necessary

Second: Children tilt the can at a 45-degree angle. Children want to tip the soda so that it rests on the groove that encircles the bottom of the can. Children must be careful, as the movement of the liquid will cause the balance of the can to teeter until the liquid comes to rest.

Notice: You’re looking to reach the center of balance between the can and liquid inside. On most soda cans the amount of liquid required will be the same, but this can depend on the size of the can.

Keep trying until you get the feel for the tilt and the balance. Work slowly! Children move too hastily and you will spill the soda everywhere.

Third: The children watched calmly and adjusted. Keep your hands close to the can on your first tries so you won't spill it everywhere. If the can will not balance, you may have to drain additional liquid from the can, or even add more liquid.

Children learn the can "backward", away from the opening you drink out of. That way, if it does fall over, you can pick it up again before many spills out.

Fourth: Children need to give the can a little push. Once you have mastered balancing the can at a 45-degree angle, try giving it a gentle push. It will slowly roll around on its edge and look even more astounding. Behold the power of science!


Alpha science classroom:The scientific principles of Balancing Act Science Magic

Alpha science toys told the children that the science trick is so simple, but so much fun. We use it in some of our science incursions and primary children of all ages are amazed by it, especially in the upper-grade levels: alpha science toys love hearing the astonished oohs and ahhhhs! Alpha science toys tell you the answer that it works because the water adds weight to the bottom of the can, changing its center of gravity and allowing it to balance in impossible ways. Kids, did you learn?

Today's alpha science classroom Balancing Act Science Magic is over. Although this is a simple kids science experiment, it can also bring different scientific knowledge to children, exercise their ability to focus and observe. Let children constantly explore scientific knowledge, challenge themselves, so as to cultivate children's exploration and creativity, help children become the most powerful scientists.

Alpha science toys there are many interesting kids science experiment kits, children can choose their own children's scientific experimental activities according to their age and hobbies, explore and discover more magical scientific phenomena, make yourself the most powerful magician!


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