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Alpha science classroom:Amazing vision Science Experiments

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Do you know this knowledge ? my children .When our eye sees something, it sends a message to the brain to make sense of the image. The brain keeps that image for about 1/10 to 1/30th of a second. That doesn’t seem like very long, but it makes a big difference in how we process the world around us. If our brains didn’t keep images, we would see darkness every time we blink. Because our brains do keep the image, even for a very short time, we don’t even notice a disruption in or vision.

Movies and TVs take advantage of the way our vision works. When we go to the movies, the film shows a new frame every 1/24th of a second. Even though there are disruptions in the image, our brains retain the image of each frame until the next frame is shown. This gives us the illusion of continuous, smooth motion.

Today, Alpha Science Classroom will explore the science experiments of vision science and help children understand the human body and five senses through the visual science experiment activities of eyes. This vision Science Experiments is such a fun addition to a lesson on my body for preschoolers, kindergartners, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 students.


Alpha science classroom : Materials for children's vision science experimental

  • card stock or this card board

  • pencil or pen

  • scissors

  • hole punch

  • ruler

  • string

Alpha science classroom :Amazing vision science experiment making method

Step 1 :Start the vision science experiments by drawing or trace a circle on the card stock approximately 4 inches in diameter.

Step 2:Cut the circle out with the scissors. Then, draw a fish bowl on one side of the circle and a fish on the opposite side.

Step 3: Cut 2 lengths of string 24 inches long. Thread a string through the holes on each side of the circle. Next, hold the strings and twirl the circle around so that the strings are twisted together on each side of the circle. One person can do this, but sometimes it’s easier to have one person hold the strings and another person twirl the circle. Start with 25 or 30 twists.


Step 4:Pull the twisted strings straight out to the sides so that the circle spins. What do you see? If you have twisted the strings tight enough, you should see the fish appear to be in the bowl. If you do not see this, try twisting your string more.

Alpha science classroom :Experimental principles of visionl science

Alpha science toys told children that When the circle spins around, the eye sees both images. The brain retains the first image for a fraction of a second. This is long enough for the eye to see the second image. This causes the two images to overlap in the brain and the fish appears to be in the bowl.

Did you see the images overlap? If not, twist the strings tighter so that they will spin faster when you pull the strings. How many twists did it take?

Alpha science classroom think that the retaining of images in the brain makes this experiment work just like movie film works to make individual frames appear to be continuous motion. It’s just one of the many wonders of our human vision!

Well, Alpha Science Classroom of the amazing vision science experiments is end,   where kids can experiment, unlock the mysteries of the eyes, and discover the joys of science.Or parents can go to Alpha Science Toys to choose more fun physical science experiment toy sets for their children to try out more fun children's science experiments!Unlock scientific answers and become the best scientist.



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