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Alpha science classroom: Amazing heat-sensitive slime toys

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Did kids know what’s amazing about the color-changing slime toys? Slime is fun for kids and they love to play it. Warm hands, ice, cubes, and sunlight can change the color of this particular slime toys. Because it’s heat-sensitive slime toy and it has cool science in it. Do kids want this magic heat-sensitive slime? Today, Alpha science classrooms will reveal the secrets of heat-sensitive slime for children.

What is a heat-sensitive slime?

Before making this special slime toys, let Alpha science toys tell the children why the color changes? Heat sensitive slime toys gains the ability to change color from the heat-sensitive pigments. This heat-sensitive pigments change color with temperature. Mood rings and color-changing lipsticks are all based on this principle.

What are the secrets of the heat-sensitive pigments?

Alpha science classroom time-heat-sensitive slime toys

Alpha science toys tell the children that there are two main types of heat-sensitive pigments: Liquid crystals and colorless dyes. In liquid crystals, temperature changes cause the crystals to move and change the spacing between them, which then causes light to refract at different wavelengths. Different wavelengths create different visible colors. colorless dyes use a similar mechanism, but instead of changing the distance between crystals, temperature changes cause the dyes to change molecular structures. One form reflects colored light, the other colorless. Do the kids know?

Materials needed for Alpha science toys heat-sensitive slime toys

1.1/4 cup white school glue

2.1 tablespoon

3.3 teaspoon of heat-sensitive pigments

4.1/4 cup of Liquid Starch coloring

Alpha science classroom time-slime recipe

When we know what materials are needed for heat-sensitive slime toys. Alpha science toys will tell the color scheme of slime to children. The color of the heat-sensitive pigments will be the color of the slime when it is cold. Then pick an alternating color of food coloring for the hot color.  Think color wheel neighbors to make the transition smooth.  

I used:

Blue pigment with yellow food coloring (Slime is teal and turns yellow when hot)

Red pigment with yellow food coloring (Slime is Orange-red and turns yellow when hot)

Blue pigment with red food coloring (slime is purple and turns pink when hot)

How to make a heat-sensitive slime?

With so much preparation, the kids can make their own heat-sensitive slime toys from now! So, let’s get into this magical moment together.

1. First, the children poured 1/4 cup of glue into a large bowl, added 1 tablespoon of water, Stir well.

2. Add 5 drops of food coloring mix, then add 3 tablespoons heat-sensitive pigments, Stir well.

3. Add 1/8 cup liquid starch and mix until thick and slimy. Then knead the slime with your hands and return to the starch mixture for another mixing. This step is important because it makes sure there’s no unmixed glue hiding in the center of your slimeball. If slime is still sticky, add additional starch, a little bit at a time, and knead until not sticky anymore. Most batches will use almost all of the starch.

4. Finally, children need the patience to wait. Seal up the slime into the bottle for about one week. Don't open it ahead of time.

How do the children play with the heat-sensitive slime?

This is a very interesting part, Alpha science toys will share how to play with the heat-sensitive slime toys to children:

Children can place heat-sensitive slime on soda bottles or coffee cups. Ice soda or hot coffee can change the color of the slime. Of course, children can use the heat-sensitive slime toys as a thermometer to determine whether the temperature is hot or cold. The heat-sensitive slime can also change color in bathwater. (tips: Don't let the slime stay in the water too long time.) It's amazing for kids, isn't it? Simple ways to make kids happier, kids can also find more ways to play heat-sensitive slime.

Alpha science toys notice that heat-sensitive slime toys becomes inelastic over time. Add starch to keep it elastic.

Alpha science classroom fills children’s childhood with scientific knowledge. It is full of scientific experiments and the best science teachers for children. Please remember to focus on Alpha science toys.



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