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Alpha science classroom: Magical Air pressure experiments for kids

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The air surrounds us all the time and exerts a force on every inch of our bodies. This force, called air pressure, because of its existence, explains weather patterns, how airplanes fly, and various other miracles. So what is air pressure? Today, Alpha science classroom uses Air pressure experiments for kids to work with children to reveal the magic of air pressure. At the same time, through simple kids' science experiments activities, let the children understand the mystery of the earth's natural science knowledge.

Alpha Science Classroom: Children's Air Pressure Experiment You Need

  • 2 Kitchen sponges

  • Drinking straw

  • The plastic bag that zips like a Ziploc bag

  • Pom poms, toy cars, and anything else that they might want to move

Alpha science classroom: The steps of children's air pressure experiment

Step 1: children simply stack two kitchen sponges one on top of the other in a plastic zipper bag.

Step 2: children put the straw between the two sponges so that one end of the straw is inside the bag and the other end is outside the bag.

Step 3: children carefully seal the bag.

Step 4: In addition to closing the zipper lock on the bag, you also need to seal it with tape. No tape is shown in the photo above. We first tested it by closing the zipper closure, but the bag suddenly opened during the child air pressure test.


Step 5: So, seal your bag with tape, and then you can play! Blow into the straw to inflate the bag.

Alpha Science Classroom: What is an example of air pressure?

The alpha science classroom tells children through this children's air pressure experiment that any time force is applied to a surface through the air is an example of air pressure. Every day we see (may not even think of) the tires on our cars. Car tires are full of inescapable air. The weight of the car pushes the air in the tires, and the air "pushes" back.

What is the principle of air pressure?

Bernoulli's principle shows that the increase of fluid velocity occurs simultaneously with the decrease of pressure or the decrease of fluid potential energy. The air is flowing. It flows and can change shape.

What does air pressure mean to children?

Any time force applied to a surface by air is an example of air pressure. Another example is the pressure exerted on the earth by the weight of air molecules. This is an important part of the weather, sea level, and atmospheric pressure.

What is the atmospheric pressure of the earth?

The standard or near-average atmospheric pressure at the earth's sea level is 1013 millibars or 760 millimeters of mercury.

Is humidity related to air pressure?

Yes, because humid air is much lighter, the weight that can be pressed down is also less, resulting in lower pressure.

Ok,This is the end of the Air pressure experiments for kids in the Alpha science classroom. This simple air pressure experiment is an excellent way to show children the concept. Children can feel the air on the skin and see the moving objects. At the same time, you can learn the scientific knowledge in it. This kid's science experiment activity is very meaningful.

Alpha science toys have also prepared many interesting earth natural science kits for children, through which children can learn more magical scientific knowledge and become the most powerful environmental scientists.


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