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Alpha science classroom:4 ways to increase the interest in science for children

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As we can see, children's education is emphasized all over the world and each country has its own way. Alpha science toys have developed and designed STEM toys for many years, also we have much research and experience in children's education. 

Alpha science toys understand that one of the most difficult things to attract the kids to STEM(Science, Technology, Engineer, Math) fields is that there are not many chances to learn much about it as they are just the tech users. Especially for girls as there are special product series in many STEM toys. Also, some girls think that they are not good at math or science so that it leads the girls’ toys to lack variety and it does not get help from STEM toys.

Alpha science classroom has conducted research and investigates especially with kids edu experts. The average time the kids from kindergarten to the third grade of primary school spend on science toys daily is only 19 minutes while it is 89 minutes on language arts. As it is, young regards STEM as something that is not connected to their life. In this way, many parents cannot see the advantage and help brought by STEM toys and it causes the kids to miss the best time to learn scientific knowledge.

Alpha science classroom:Kids-STEM-toys

Alpha science toys take the fact into account and it is not surprising as on 37% of students say that they like science classes.

So how to attract girls on STEM toys? As one of the best toys produced company, Alpha science toys provide some useful ways to parents according to research and experience. In this way, it can help parents learn how to increase their kid's interest in STEM toys.

1. Exploring the world together

Alpha science toys remind parents to take kids to museums, botanical gardens, and zoos in rest day or holidays. And you can encourage them to ask for questions about science and nature, also ask them to find the answers by observation and researching. Remember that not all of science must be taught in school classes. When the kids grow up, parents can ask them to check the science program list to see if they are interested in joining them. Even they can learn the science course online freely or do science experiments at home.

2. Introduction kids to experts and scientists

Alpha science toys think that parents do not know these doctors, software engineers, mathematicians, or experts on STEM fields in person. There are many books on them. You can visit the local library to get some suggestions and also ensure to introduce female scientists to your girls, such as Computer Scientist Ada Lovelace, Nobel winner Marie Curie or NASA programmer Margaret Hamilton.

Alpha science classroom:science experiments

3. Providing correct STEM toys for children

Alpha science toys think to allow kids to focus on opening games or multifunctional STEM toys. Besides, abandon the old concept that “Dinosaurs and LEGO are for boys and cooking and Barbie is for girls”. Building blocks, anatomy, and physiology books and games that encourage children to learn to code can all help children to learn science. Also encourage your kids to explore nature with some basic supplies outside, such as observing insects and wildlife. Or choose a professional STEM toy for a professional children’s science experiment.

4. To find a suitable toy by observing their hobbies

Alpha science toys find that each hobby is involved in different sciences from sports to music, cooking and gardening, and computer games.

Computer science is in every field for our life so Alpha science toys encourage those parents who think science is not suitable for their kids to pay attention closely to their kids’ interests and hobbies, you may find these science involved.

Alpha science toys think the most important is to keep going. Parents and teachers shall support and encourage them, sometimes, your kids may be interested in STEM toys.

As science changes, STEM toys are changing as well. Educationalists and scientists are trying to add new edu concept and tech into STEM toys to help kids to grow better. Alpha science classroom introduces these ways and hopes it can help you to choose toys for your kids. Alpha science toys, as an excellent toy producer, also hope to provide more excellent toys for children all over the world so that they can learn science. Alpha science toys will do more research to produce the best STEM toys.

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