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Alpha science class:The magic yeast can blow up the balloon

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The elements of science are everywhere existing in the daily life of human beings,All aspects contain a lot of scientific knowledge. There is a lot of scientific knowledge hidden in our kitchen. Alpha science class is Alpha science toys will find suitable scientific experimental materials at home with children and do an interesting scientific experiment together so that children can feel the magic of science at home easily.Meanwhile learn the scientific knowledge and scientific phenomena contained in,become a little happy scientist.

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There are necessary materials for mom to do delicious food. But it is unaware for children that all kinds of food material not only can fill human belly but also can let people know what different chemical reactions and changes will have while making them. You wil find chemical elements contained in different food materials from Alpha science toys.

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Today, children will use the yeast which is used often for making cakes from Alpha science toys to do a simple chemical experiment which can help children to know what kind of science knowledge and magic from yeast.

Let join Alpha science toys and children to find the necessary material form kitchen and then blow up a big balloon

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Alpha science class: The needed material to make activity:magic yeast can blow up the balloon

1. one bag of yeast

2. A clear plastic bottle in 500ml

3. Two spoons of sugar

4. One small cup of warm water(temperature 105°F- 115°F)

5. One balloon(many colors can be options)

6. One big bowl or cup with full hot water

Alpha science class:experiment steps

First step:pour about 1.5 inches warm water into a clear plastic bottle

Second step:pour a bag of yeast into a plastic bottle and shake the bottle gently to dissolve the yeast totally.

(Alpha tips: the yeast changes a little when it encounters warm water and becomes active because yeast is a microscopic fungal organism)

Third step:pour sugar in the plastic bottles, shake the sugar gently to rapid decomposition. There will continuously produce bubbles as sugar and yeast powder chemical reaction happens, the yeast eat out sugar, yeast needs energy if it wants to be active and sugar is the energy needed for yeast.

Fourth step:pull the chosen party balloon deep several times while repeatedly blowing it, then drape the neck of the balloon around the neck of the bottle.

Fifth step:After do the above steps, observe reaction happened from yeast and sugar in plastic bottles,then put the bottle in prepared large bowl, pour warm water in the prepared bowl and add warm water in the big bowl till the water level over the water level in the bottle, watch it every 5 minutes, you will find balloon cover in the mouth of bottle is swelling.It is fantastic?

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Alpha science class:scientific principle

Alpha science toys tell children that will produce a gas called carbon dioxide (human will suction the oxygen and oxygen)when the yeast begins to eat "sugar",will produce more and more carbon dioxide along with yeast eating"sugar",the gas trapped in the balloon makes the balloon constantly expands like a magic. Yeast is an important material to make bread, is a kind of living microorganism. When yeast and flour are together, each yeast is producing bubbles of smile.You put a million air pockets in the bread before you bake it, so we eat bread that has a lot of holes in it, it is because of yeast. This amazing yeast science experiment, did you learn it?

Are kids still in the fun of unraveling the mysteries of science and looking for more answers?Then the Kitchen science toys set of Alpha science toyscan help children learn more about the mysteries of science and all kinds of amazing scientific experiments,make children become great scientists




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