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Alpha science class: The magic baking soda rocket

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The secret hides in the sunny sky depends on the power of science to understand. We know children want to be the greatest astronaut, flying into the sky to research the beautiful scenery. So, if you want to be an astronaut you have to know how is the aerospace rocket made? Do you want to know the answer? Do you want to make the rocket by yourself at your home? Lets explore the science secret with Alpha science toys and make a baking soda rocket together!

 Baking soda rocket07

Alpha science class: The baking soda rocket is a very interesting outdoor project. It suits for children of all ages, so if you want to make it you should learn it better.

What you need from the kit

1.  A 2ml plastic bottle

2.  3 pencils( the uncut pencil is better)

3.  Strong duct tape

4.  A cork is match for bottle

5.  A tissue

6.  Baking soda

7.  White vinegar, a bottle with a plenty of vinegar.

baking soda rockets


Alpha science class: The baking soda making recipe

1. First, we need building rocket frame and use duct tape to attach 3pencils to the three side of bottle. Alpha science toys thinks it is a useful idea.

2. Children need to put 3 spoons baking soda into a tissue, and fold up the tissue which can be a small part, so we can put it into bottle with ease.

Baking soda rocket

3. Children can put the ready white vinegar into the bottle, different doses vinegar and baking soda has different rocket height. Put 250ml white vinegar into Alpha science toys you can get the safest effect.

4. Children can put the tissue(with baking soda) into bottle filled with vinegar, and then put a cork into the bottle, not too tighten, then you can turn the bottle over wait for the reaction between baking soda and vinegar about 30s.

Baking soda rocket04

5. Wait for the quick reaction between baking soda and vinegar, if you can see the white foam tumbling, pop the cork, take a step back, and then waiting for the rocket of kids take off.

6. Children can give their rocket a great name, with their friends look at the rocket quickly take off, let rocket take childrens’ dream flying into sky.

baking soda rockets02

Alpha science class: the true of baking soda

Alpha science toys can teach children the science secret of baking soda rocket, because in this process children use baking soda and soda, the soda is sodium bicarbonate, white vinegar is acetic acid, which is a chemical reaction between an acid and a base, and they happen very quickly, children can’t see the reaction clearly. Baking soda and vinegar can produce the water and carbon dioxide gas, the liquid and gas can increase the pressure, with the increase of pressure the rocket will take off. The principle of this rocket includes Newton's third theorem, that small rocket will have the same but opposite reaction action when it flies higher. Do you understand the principle of  baking soda rocket. Let’s do it with our friends together.


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