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Alpha science class: magical cube bubble preparation materials

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Blowing round soap bubbles is one of the children's favorite games, but do the children know? Round soap bubbles can blow out other shapes, today,Alpha science class taught children to blow the ultimate shape of soap bubbles, a square magic soap bubble, Please children pay attention to Alpha science toys how is made!

Rubik's cube bubble01_副本

 Alpha science class: How to make magical cube bubble?

1.Straight Straws

2.Chenille Stems AKA Pipe Cleaners

3. Detergent

4. Color straw

5. Scissors

6. Ruler

7. Large cup ( which can contain the plastic frame you have made)

Alpha science class:the steps of making magical cube bubble

Rubik's cube bubble

Step 1: children should make the special bubble water at first. Use the beaker to measure 150 ml water and 50 ml washing liquid, then pour them into the large cup.

The ratio of special bubble water is as below:

Water : Washing liquid = 3:1

Step 2: Use the stir stick to stir the special bubble water slowly. Let it sit for a while and your special bubble water is OK now.

Step 3: Use the ruler to measure 3 inch long on the plastic straw and use the pen to make a mark on the straw.

Step 4: Use the scissor to cut off the plastic straw from the mark place. Then there will be a 3 inch plastic straw. We need 12 pieces of 3 inch plastic straw totally.

Step 5: the children pass the pipe cleaner through a straw, bend the end of the pipe cleaner, fix it to the end, and finally screw three straws to the pipe cleaner.

Step 6:The long end of the pipe cleaner is bent back to the starting point and the two ends of the pipe cleaner are wound with each other. You'll have a square now.

Step 7:add three straw parts to the end of the long pipe cleaner, and the pipe cleaner adds two straw parts through the adjacent straw part.

Step 8:The children bend the pipe cleaner to form both sides of the cube and pass through the end of the pipe cleaner through a straw on the edge of the cube.

Step 9:Children with the made square bubble mold, can be slowly put in the bubble solution, began to make magical square bubble, carefully immerse the square bubble mold into the solution; When the straw is immersed, some foam bubbles are formed at the top of the solution.

Rubik's cube bubble800x600

Alpha science class: The scientific principle of square bubble

Why form square bubbles? Alpha science toys tells children that bubbles are formed because water reduces surface tension in detergent. The hydrogen atom in one very small water molecule is attracted by the oxygen atom in the other very small water molecule. Very small molecules in detergent help them to be more resilient or flexible by touching and reducing attractiveness. Do the kids understand? Go make your square bubble!


There are still many such magical magic in Alpha science toys bubble paradise toys set. Children are fast looking for more and more interesting science experiment games in Alpha science toys!



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