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Alpha science class: How to Make Unbroken Bubbles

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Blowing bubbles is the best game for kids, but do you know how to make an unbroken bubble? Today, Alpha science class will tell you the methods of how to make the unbroken bubbles. Alpha science toys can make the unbroken bubbles and let the bubbles bounce in the your hands. Let’s do this amazing science experiment together.

hubble-bubble (2)

Alpha science class: Making unbroken bubbles

1.bubble wand with more holes

2. washing up liquid

3. corn syrup

4. 3 glasses of water

5. spoon

6. a glass bottle with lid

7. a pair of glove for children (super fiber)

Alpha science class: Let’s go to make the unbroken bubbles

hubble-bubble -800乘600

Step 1:

Poured 3 glasses of water, a glass of washingup liquid and a half of cup(120ml) corn syrup into the glass bottle. and then stirred it with a spoon. wait 2 hours after ready-made bubble liquid, and stir gently before using.



You need to put on the gloves and blow a big bubble with bubble wand, and then catch the bubble, gently pat the bubble, let the bubble bounce in your gloved hands.

hubble-bubble -800乘600 (2)

Step 3:

You could blow a big bubble again, and catch it by the other hand, thus you can have more bubbles. Try to put two bubbles together in order to get a bigger bubble than others, or make more bubbles with your friends. Pat it gently to make bubble bouncing higher.

Alpha science class: The fact of unbroken bubbles

Alpha science toys  prefer shall the formation of the bubble with you, which is formed by the tension on the surface of water. This kind of tension is a mutual pulling force. When the object is under the tension force, this mutual pulling force is in the inner of object and perpendicular to the adjacent contact surface. Since the bubble water can form a film and this film is not easy to be broken, when we blow it, the film will expand slowly and becomes a bubble, just like blowing balloons.

Alpha Science toys also want to share that if you want to blow a big unbroken bubble, you can add some corn syrup to the bubble liquid, because the corn syrup can increase the surface tension to make this bubble liquid harder to broken than others. This all physics science about bubbles. Have you learned that? Let’s do it with our friends to make more unbroken bubbles!

If you want to know more knowledge about bubbles, please check more experiments in bubble paradise toys set of Alpha Science toys. Alpha science toys  looking forward to making a colorful world with you.




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