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Alpha science class: How to make the interesting and amazing fruit battery

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The battery is one of the necessary things in our daily life, it can be carried all the time with us which can give us more convenience for our life. But, what is the principle of the batteries’ work? Now, Alpha science toys will tell children the secret that the fruits that we eat are all contained bioelectricity! However, children don’t know what kind of help bioelectric energy can bring to our lives. Today, Alpha science toys will teach children how to make a simple battery through common fruit-lemon. Through this funny experiment, children can learn some basic science knowledge and to be a “little scientist”!

The Warning from Alpha science toy: The experiment will need the knife, it’s necessary for children to pay attention to safety. The proper way is to ask help for our parents when the process is difficult or dangerous, which can make sure the safety of the experiment.

Picture of fruit battery (4)

Alpha science class: The components that need prepared

1. A piece of fresh lemon;

2. A piece of zinc nail or screw with 2-5cm;

3. A piece of copper nail or metallic line with 2-5cm;

4. A holiday light with 2 inches;

Alpha science class: The making process

First Step: Take a piece of lemon, roll and squeeze the lemon to soften the flesh, and let the lemon juice and flesh flow fully without destroying the lemon rind.

Picture of fruit battery (2)

Second Step: Inserted the zinc nails and the copper nails into the lemons respectively, remember to leave a distance of 2-5 cm between them, to avoid mutual contact, and children should ensure that they do not pierce the lemon.

Third: Peel off the insulation on the wire of the holiday lights to expose the wires, to ensure that the wires are long enough! (If the children are not good at stripping the wire, you can ask your parents to help you )

Fourth: Wrap the bare wire of the holiday light around the copper and zinc nails. The holiday light bulbs are lit up, is it amazing?

Picture of fruit battery (3)

Alpha science class: The Principle of Fruit Battery

Does it amazing that the battery that children made by themselves through the lemon is useful for the holiday light. Now, Alpha science toys  will tell children the principle of this experiment. This simple experiment contains the basic science knowledge of chemistry and electricity. Its principle is that when zinc metal meets the citric acid contained in the lemon, the reaction produces zinc ions and electrons. When the zinc ions enter the juice in the lemon juice, the electrons remain on the metal. And electrons make it copper. If the electrons are not further developed, they will eventually accumulate so that there is no potential difference between zinc and copper. The wires of the holiday light bulb are electrical conductors, and when they are used to connect copper and zinc, the electrons accumulated on the zinc flow into the wire and that is the reason of light can light up. Do children understand this principle? If you want to light up more holiday light, you can try to do this experiment with more lemons and you can show it to your friends!


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