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Alpha science class:How to make the footprint mold and collect the criminal evidence with it

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All kids prefer to playing detective games with their friends, but dear children, do you know what’s the most useful skills to solve a case? Absolutely the answers are clever brain and scientific methods. The best detective is good at observing and analyzing things. In fact, all the detectives need to learn this ability all the time so that they can keep and improve these abilities. In the last lesson, Alpha Science Toys has taught kids how to collect the suspects’ fingerprints at the crime scene. Now in this lesson, Alpha science toys will teach you how to collect footprints at the crime scene. It’s the ultimate detection skills of the detective. Alpha will help you to use the most professional forensic medicine technology to make the footprint models, and then analyze the left-over footprints at the crime scene to find the suspects. Finally, decode the case with the evidence that you collect. Do kids would like to be a little detective? Come on and study with Alpha science toys, you will find that there is no trouble to be a detective.

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Gaming background:

Recent days, there are many flowers were stolen in the park. Although there are many footprints on the ground, the garden keeper couldn’t catch the thief who stealing flowers. So little kids please come with Alpha science toys to learn how to collect footprints and analyze who steal the flowers. Let’s become the best detective to protect the flowers from stealing!

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Alpha science class:What you need to prepare

1. A disposable plastic cup

2. A soft brush, such as make-up brush

3. Paris gypsum (you can buy in the craft shop)

4. A big tinfoil tray

5. A big bowl

6. Plenty of water

7. A stick

8. A small bag of sand

9. A shoe brush

Alpha science class:How to make it

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First step:

Fully put the sand on the tinfoil tray, then let your father step on the sand with his shoes that can leave a deep footprint.

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Second step:

Pour half of the Paris gypsum powder into the big bowl, then pour into 150ml water and stir until it becomes viscous without bubbles. You can add more water or Paris gypsum powder if you need. (Kids need to make sure that the mixture has adequate liquidity to pour into the footprints model.)

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Third step:

Pour the finished gypsum liquid into the footprints on the sand, and wait for 1-2 hours. Check the hardness and thickness of gypsum liquid every 30 minutes to make sure its quality.

Fourth step:

Waiting until the gypsum liquid becomes hard. In order to keep the footprints model complete, kids need to clean the sand around the footprints by using the brush. You can take out the footprints model until clean out enough depth.

Fifth step:

Put the footprints model under the sun for 5-6 hours to remove excess moisture. After kids get a harder footprints model, you need to clean it up to get a perfect footprints model.

Sixth step:

According to the size and features of the footprints to confirm the suspects’ identity. You can also contrast the footprints with your families to find the owner of the footprints model. Catch the "flower thieves" and bring them to justice to protect the garden from harm.

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Alpha science class: Principle of Footprint Model

Do kids know the principle of the footprint model? When shoes step on the soft materials like sand and earth, it will be left on a deep footprints model including all the special marks on the shoes. The detective and medical examiner can make a footprints gypsum model to identify the brand and style of the shoes, and the pattern of sole shows the suspects’ walking habit. These things we don't pay attention to maybe an important clue for detective and medical examiner. Then they can analyze the characteristics of the suspect and find him. So have you learned the scientific theory of it?


A nervous and exciting detective game, constantly solving the mystery of the case, bring endless fun to children. Do you want to decode more interesting crime cases? Welcome to the Detective Training Camp toys set of Alpha science toys to find more interests. Become the best little Sherlock Holmes in your little buddy!


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