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Alpha science class:How to make magical acid-base reaction?

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Today, the world is full of children's happiness and cheers, because today is "International Children's Day" a happy festival for children all over the world, in this festival celebrated by children all over the world. Alpha science class teaches children a simple "scientific magic" to make them superstars at parties. 

Do children know that a lot of things in life contain acidity and basicity? Alpha science toys tells you that this is because nature uses its magical hands to mix acid-base balance, and nature creates more wonderful things, such as beautiful morning glory. In the morning, most of them are red flowers, and with the rise of the sun, continue to breathe, slowly, the flowers gradually turned purple. Do the children want to know why the morning glory changes color? Then work with Alpha science toys to explore the mysteries of magical acids and bases!

 Acid base reaction picture

Alpha science class:Materials needed to make acid - base reactions

 1.Baking soda

2.Citric acid


4.Red cabbage juice powder

5.Two transparent glasses


Alpha science class:Amazing acid base reaction steps

1.The children added 50ML water to each of the two transparent glasses, poured red cabbage juice powder into the two cups, carefully observed the dissolution of the red cabbage juice powder, and then mixed the red cabbage juice powder evenly with a spoon. Make it fully integrated into the water.

2.Test basic solution: children pour a spoonful of baking soda into one of the cups, stir it completely with a spoon, and the solution in the cup turns blue.

Acid base reaction picture (800x600)

3. Test acid solution: children add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to another glass, stir and blend with a spoon, and the solution in the cup turns red.

4.The children poured the acid-base liquid from both cups into the large cup at the same time, and the liquid in the cup turned purple with the formation of bubbles.

 Acid base reaction picture (2)

Alpha science class:The scientific principle of magical acid-base reaction.

Alpha science toys  tell kids what One chemical substance or solution is acid or base or neutral. Acids tastes sour, will cause irritation and break down other chemicals. Bases often tastes bitter and feel slippery. Neutrals are neither acidic nor basic. They don't taste sour or bitter. Scientists use acid base indicators to measure the degree of acidity or basicity of a solution.

Do the kids know? The acids and bases are found all over the place. For instance, bodies use acids to help digest food, and many cleaning products contain bases. Ask the kids to name some common substances and guess if they are acidic or basic.Life's acids, such as orange juice or tomatoes, taste sour.Alkali, such as baking soda or soap, is bitter.

This is also a good time to explain that some acids and bases are very strong and can be harmful. Battery acid and ammonia (a base) are two dangerous substances that may be encountered at home, for instance.Do the kids know the secret of the amazing acids and bases?

Get ready to perform at the party!

Today is international children's day, Alpha science toys wishes all children in the world a happy children's day.Alpha science toys prepares color changing chemical science educational toy set for children, creating a magical magic chemical world for children and giving children a most beautiful childhood memory!







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