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Alpha science class:How to make fun slime toys

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The funny and lovely slime is one of the favorite toys for kids. But, dear children, do you know that we can make interesting slime easily at home? Thus, do you want to make the slime by yourself right now? Now, we Alpha Science Toys will tell children how to make the slime that as you like at home!

 solid slime_副本

It’s a simple and interesting experiment for kids to make the slime by themselves at home. The interesting experiment process filled with the funny of scientific knowledge which can help children who are naughty enough to focus on the process and enjoy the pleasure. At the same time, children can also add their own ideas while they following the instructions. For example, you can mix the color as you like for different color slime, you can put the glitter into it for a bright slime. This kit not only can help children to learn more scientific knowledge but can help children to exercise their abilities of logical thinking and coordination, and give children a space for their imagination.

With these components, you not only can make the bright and different colors slime but can make the slime with one color and stretch different colors slime into the strip, then rope them together, you can get the beautiful rainbow slime. The finished slime can be a gift for your friend or a decoration for your room. We Alpha Science Toys believe that slime is the best perception toy for kids. Although it's safe for kids, children and parents should remember that the slime cannot to eat.


Components that you need

Transparent cup or bottle in 100ml

Small bowl

PVA white glue of 100ml

Stir stick


Baking soda

Food colorings

Contact lens care solution


First Step: Pour a cup of 100ml white glue into the small bowl. Add a half of spoon baking soda into it and stir.

Second Step: Add 2 drops of food colorings into the bowl. The more food colorings you add into, the more vivid color of the slime. And children can also mix the different colorings as you like.

Third Step: Children can also add some contact lens care solution into the bowl, stir it for stickiness, until it becomes a ball. Now, the making process will be finished!

Fourth Step: When the slime in a ball shape, you can take it in hands, then kneaded it by hand back and forth of 30-60s, you can get the beautifully smooth and elasticity slime. If you want to get the bright slime, you can also add some glitters in the slime.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Alpha Science Toys: The principles of diy slime

Through the activities of making slime by themselves of children, they can learn more basic science knowledge. This experiment include the principles of Non-Newtonian fluid and the composition of polymer. At the same time, it can help children to enjoy the pleasure of science and exercise the abilities of perception, coordination and practice. You can also help dad to clear the keyboard by the slime, to be a little scientist at home!

If you want get more funny slime kit, you can buy the Funny Slime kit from Alpha Science Toys, to learn more interesting ways to play!

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