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Alpha science class: How to make cute DIY Soap

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After a day of play, your hands must be full of stains , at this time, the best thing for you is the cute soap with the fragrance, it can remove the stains and sweat. Do you know how to make cute soaps? Today, Alpha science class will make this beautiful soaps with you. It can let you know the way to make soaps, meanwhile, learn some science knowledge in this process. You can have your own soap, of course you can make many soaps to send them to your friends, family or teachers. So, lets play it.Let's take a look at how to make crystal soap with Alpha Science Toys!

Alpha science toys Warning: In the process of make soap, children must finish it with the help of adults, because children need oven to heat the soap base, the temperature is high, and use knife to cut of the soap.

DIY crystal soap pictures (4)

Alpha science class: Material to be prepared

1. Transparent soap base

2. Soap mold (you can buy them at the craft shop)

3. Alcohol

4. The little watering can

5. Crystal Mica Glitter Powder

6. Pyrex measuring cup

7. Essential oil (you can choose the smell you like)

8. Food coloring

Alpha science class: Production steps

DIY crystal soap pictures

Step one:

You need to cut the soap base into small pieces with adult’s help, then put them into oven.

 DIY crystal soap pictures (2)

Step two:

With the help of your family or other adults, you should heat the soap base with 100 degrees, about 20 minutes.

 DIY crystal soap pictures

Third step:

Pour the melted transparent soap base into a glass measuring cup with the help of adult. (Be careful, it may be very hot)


Step four:

Pour Crystal Mica Glitter Powder into the melted clear soap base, then Add 3-5 drops of food coloring and one tablespoon essential oil, after that, you should keep stirring with a spoon.


Tips: You need to be quick, because the soap will be harden over time, and if it does, you can reheat it.


Step five:

You need to use a scan filled with alcohol and spray it evenly on the soap mold to avoid the transparent soap base sticking to the mold.

 DIY crystal soap pictures (3)

Step six:

Pour the transparent soap into your favorite mold. After half an hour, you can take out the beautiful fragrant crystal soap from the silicone mold.

 DIY crystal soap pictures800x600

Alpha science class: crystal soap Science class

Alpha Science Toys tells kids,Melting is the process by which a substance is heated from a solid to a liquid state. This is called melting. Water, for example, freezes below zero, above zero, it will become liquid. The process from ice to water is the process of melting.The melting point is the temperature in which an object changes from a solid to a liquid. The soap base in our experiment started out was a solid and was heated in the oven to become a liquid so that we could recreate it in various shapes. The melting point of the soap base is about 55 degrees, at this point, the soap bases began to melt and became liquid. Do you know the reason? If you know how to make crystal soap, you can make more lovely soap in various shapes  with your parents. Let's move our brains to make more crystal soap.


If you want to make more fun science experiments, you can join Fun Soap Making Kit club of Alpha Science Toys. Let’s learn more together!



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