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Alpha science class: How to make colorful plants?

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There are many colorful flowers and plants in the park garden. How many kinds of plants do the children know now? Do children understand how plants grow? Today, Alpha science class project is to show children a magical magic, turning white vegetables and flowers into various colors in a scientific way, such as changing white vegetables to red, blue, pink, and so on. This magical method is not to paint color on plants! It's a scientific way to change the color of a plant. Come on, kids and Alpha science toys to witness it. This magic! Make plants that can change color.

Alpha science toys can tell children that nature is inextricably linked to our lives, and that there are many miraculous mysteries hidden in nature, and that children living on earth must understand the natural environment in which we live. Today Alpha science toys will explain the mysteries of science to the children and witness the magic energy of nature together.

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Alpha science class:The materials needed to be prepared for the production of colored plants.

1.Three clear cups

2. Color pigments (choose 3 different colors)

3. Cabbage, white flowers (prepare three white plants)

4. Stir bar

Alpha science class:Steps for making colorful plants

Step1:The children need to pour 1 / 2 of clear water into the three clear glasses.

Step2:The children pour the selected color into the three cups where the water is poured, and mix the pigment-containing water evenly with a stirring rod.

 Color plant picture-800x600

Step 3:The children took out three prepared pieces of whole cabbage or three white flowers, cabbage or flower root down, put the root into the prepared colored water cup.

Alpha science toys tip: children don't worry, magic doesn't work right now, kids need to wait quietly (more than five hours), be patient, you'll find cabbages or flowers changing colors a little bit. Magic is realized in a little bit.

 Color plant picture800x600

Alpha science class:Discover the science of color plants

Natural plants all have a plant xylem called a catheter, like our human blood vessels, which are mostly distributed in the roots and stems of plants, which can help plants transport water and nutrients to various parts of the plant. And the transportation process does not require energy, so that plants can absorb water and other nutrients in the soil and make plants thrive. After children let the plants absorb the moisture that means pigment, the plants will change their original colors. To become our favorite color, do the children understand the truth?

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