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Alpha's Science Class give children the scientific explanation of the daily phenomenon

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The educational science toy products of BIG BANG SCIENCE and the science class are all researched and developed and written by our Alpha Science Toys' experienced education experts, scientific researchers, artists, product developers and so on. These different kinds of scientific knowledge that they write are presented by the concise language and vivid pictures, which can be the answers of doubts and questions that children raised up during daily life. We are devoted to helping children learn more about scientific knowledge in a variety of simple and fun ways.

On the classes of Alpha Science Toys, we Alpha provide varieties of scientific knowledge for children of age 0-12. Through the best educational science toys produced by Alpha Manufacturing Ltd., we will give the most comprehensive explanation of each activity in each science Kit. With this method, children can learn more interesting scientific knowledge during they are playing the educational science toy. On the other hand, the activities can help children to exercise their abilities of critical thinking, practical, coordination, imagination, perception and so on. Through these practices, we believe that each child can be a real scientist!



The course of Alpha Science Class


The subjects of Alpha's science class are divided into six areas based on the different field of knowledge, which aims to help children build a basic interest in science through funny scientific knowledge.


product9_product_home0_20141211181232_副本The scientific answers for the questions that raised up in daily life--Children are full of curiosity about the world, they want to know the nature of everything in the world that they see. For example, why the leaves will fall from the tree?Why are sharp objects not piercing the balloon? Why are the bees flying so slowly? What is the magnet, what is gravity. In fact, any questions raised by children hide the corresponding scientific knowledge? Now, in Alpha's Science Class, we will work together with children to research and explore the most basic scientific principles. Our courses include :Newtonian force, electricity, magnetic, light, and water, electrolytes, properties of various materials, density and measurement and so on. Our Alpha Science Class can give a scientific explanation and answers about the basic questions raised up by children.


product658_product_home0_20161031041742_副本How does the material work in different situations--helping the children solve the various questions in everyday life, what's in the oven? How does the bicycle work and exercise? Why do car tires slip in heavy rain? What is the working principle of the refrigerator? What scientific knowledge is included in the kitchen? The Alpha Science Toys science class uses the most basic scientific knowledge to explain the most common questions in the family so that every child can understand scientific knowledge.


product12_product_home0_20141211181512_副本Handmade and Design--Helping children improve their hands--on and logical thinking skills. This needs the help of the best and suitable products of educational toys, which is a favorite way for children. This aspect of the Alpha science toys science class is to help children understand how to make beautiful necklaces, sturdy houses, tall space shuttles. Through the use of science to improve children's hand-made and design capabilities, help children get more scientific knowledge. With the help of our Science Class and the educational toy, children can become more creativity and imagination.


product10_product_home0_20160414171554_副本_副本Earth Protection and Environmental Protection--Children are full of curiosity and doubts about the nature of our lives. They want to understand the relationship of knowledge between our blue planet, the solar system, animals and humans, energy. Now, children can through the Alpha Science Class and educational science kit to explore these mysteries. The class will explain these problems to the children in a detailed way. The class will tell children how to deal with oil spills and sewers. Why does the warming of the weather affect the ecological environment of polar bears? What are the differences between organic vegetables? How do you make a rechargeable battery by yourself?

product577_product_home0_20141211170752_副本Food Science and Physiology--Maybe your child often asks you why does the heart keep beating? What is the function of his stomach? What is the shape of our brain, why do you need to eat food ? The Alpha science toys Science Class will transform these children's problems into hands-on experiments for them. These experiments can help children to explore the functions of the human body and tell children the relationship between food, nutrition, and energy. Parents can discuss the treasures in the human body with children and tell them why the food is getting worse.


123-01_副本Science knowledge for young children--In our happy family, the little baby of 2-3 years are always like exploring everything. For example, they like exploring in the closet; mixing the ingredients on the floor in order to make the best dinner in their hearts. For the children, all the behaviors are to learn more about the world. In the science class of Alpha Science Toys, Alpha prepared all the children's questions and presented the best experimental process and scientific knowledge to the children. We try our best to help children absorb and apply this knowledge better. The Alpha science toys science class allows children to explore the mysteries of science with their parents and freely participate in the most interesting natural things in the course.





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