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Alpha science class:DIY Wonderful Bath Bomb

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Have a bath with the bath bombs in the night is the best-anticipated thing for children. These colorful bath bombs with different fragrance will become fizzy when they touched the water. It's another pleasure moment for children.


Dear children, do you want to make the bath bombs by yourselves? Now, the Alpha Science Class of our Alpha Science Toys will tell you all how can we make the bath bombs at home with our parents! When we learn the important processes of the bath bombs, we can make it by the color and fragrance as we like. The bath bombs made by ourselves can be gifts for our parents and friends. We can enjoy bath time with our parents.


The components prepared for DIY bath bombs:

  •  230g  Baking Soda

  • 120g  Epsom salt

  • 120g  Corn Starch

  • 120g  Citric Acid

  • Large Stir Bowl

  • Whisk

  • Dried lavender petals

  • 60ml  Coconut Oil(or Grape Seed Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil)  

  • 15ml  Water  

  • 4-6 drops food-colorings

  • Glass jar

  • Plastic Mold


Alpha Science Toys Caution:

Keep away from eyes and mouth when you are using the components for the experiments. After you finish a bath bomb, please put one into the warm water to test in advance, use your hand to touch the water to see if there’s the allergy on your skin. If there’s no allergy, it is safe to use.

If you want to make more colorful bath bombs, you can mix these colors like the following reference to make a new color.




bath-bombs (1)

The processes of making Bath Bombs

First Step: Put the baking soda, Epsom salt, corn starch, and citric acid into the large stir bowl. Stir them evenly with the whisk and make sure the mixture is clump-free.

Second Step: After mixing these components together, pour the coconut oil, water, and the food-colorings into the bowl. Then continue to stir them quickly. It also needs to stir evenly. Now, the scent is gradually formed.

Third Step: Put these mixtures into the plastic mold that you prepared. The plastic mold needs to fill and compact. Then, take the bath bombs from the mold and put them in a ventilated place for 6-8 hours.

After that, you can get the finished bath bombs. You can try to put the bath bomb into the water to look if it can be fizzy when it touches the water. Then you can enjoy the pleasure of the bath with your parents.

The scientific principles of DIY bath bombs

Now, Alpha Science Toys will tell children the secret of bath bombs. The most important components of bath bombs are two kinds of basic materials-acid and base. It’s a basic reaction of acid and base. The baking soda(Sodium bicarbonate) is a weak base and the citric acid is a weak acid. When they meet each other, they can generate carbon dioxide. That is the reason for fizzy when you put the bath bomb into the water. The corn starch is a kind of inhibitor to control the fierce reaction of acid and base. Do you remember the principle of the experiment underwater volcano? In this experiment, citric acid takes place of the vinegar. The dry citric acid does not react with baking soda. That is the principles of bath bombs. Now, do children learn the chemical knowledge of this bath bombs kit?

Do children want to have more bath bombs with different shapes? Now, you can choose the science kit of Wonderful Bath Bomb Factory of Alpha Science Toys to make more beautiful bath bombs!



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