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Alpha science class: DIY Sugar Crystal

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In the mean, the like crystals are very common in our lives, such as salt, sugar, snowflake, they are like in the natural and pure beautiful color. Do you want to know how the crystal is grown? Do you want to know that the crystal is grown? Do you want to make a unique sugar crystal that Then let to your own? Then let Alpha science toys uncover the scientific secrets of crystal growth for the children and help the children DIY the most delicious and beautiful sugar crystal.

Alpha science class warning: 

The production of beautiful and delicious sugar crystals requires the use of boiled water to dissolve the sugar blocks. Alpha science toys suggest that children complete this interesting scientific experiment under the supervision of the parents to protecting the children's cute little hands from Being hurt!


DIY sugar crystal materials:



3.Hot water



6.Wood stick

7.Food pigment (choose the color you like)

rock candy 265_副本

DIY sugar crystal steps:

1. Children must under the help of their parents, put the three teaspoons of white sugar prepared in a pot of boiling water and wait for the sugar to dissolve in the water, or, with the help of their parents to stir up the water in Which put sugar. So that sugar water quickly dissolved in the water and we can safely get their own beautiful sugar crystal!

2.Children can add a few drops of water to the sugar water to make their sugar crystals their favorite color.

3. The water is not dissolved, the children pour the sugar water into the prepared glass cup from the small pot with the help of the parents and the children can put the sugar water in the safe and ventilated place to stand for a day Children need to cover the glass cup with the lid to avoid the dust entering.

4. The children wet the end of a wooden stick prepared with water, dip it in a small amount of dry white sugar, and leave it in a safe, ventilated place to dry for one day.

5. The children put the stick at one end of the dried sugar vertically into the stilted sugar water, fixed the stick with the dry sugar on the cup with clip, and placed it in a safe place of ventilation. (keep in mind that the Stick does not touch the wall of the cup.)

6. Children have to wait patiently for three days, so you'll be surprised to see that a lot of "crystals" are decay growing on the stick. As long as the children keep the stick for longer, there will be more and more Crystals on the stick, so the children can have a happy "magic stick" filled with sugar crystals!


Principles of Alpha science class DIY sugar crystal science:

Alpha science toys  uncover the science of sugar crystals for children. One substance (solute) disperse into another substance (solvent) and it forms into solution, this process called dissolving. In the activity of making sugar crystal, the sugar is the solute, and The water is the solvent, the solution we finally got is the sugar water solution. The hot saturated solution becomes cold, and the solute becomes crystals, this process which the solute forms into crystals is called crystallization. Kids, do you understand how sugar crystals Grow? Go with Mom and Dad to make some of your favorite sugar crystals!

If the kids want to make more colorful and beautiful candy crystals? Do you want to know more interesting scientific knowledge? Please use Alpha science toys  Recyclable Science toy kit to explore more scientific fun with your parents.



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