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Alpha science class:A floating ping-pong science toy

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Every child wants to fly in a blue sky, while the children like toys that fly in the sky, whether paper plane or balloon, are the most loved by the children, but the children aware of the flying principles of the toy that will fly? How do they fly in the sky? The secret, let's get the Alpha science toys for the kids.

Children wonder why small hair hair can be blown up to make wet hair dry. If the children find the corresponding items in the house, they can copy the floating object phenomenon, such as using a floating table tennis science experiment can explain the simple principle of aerodynamics. Alpha science toys  and the children together to make the magic table tennis toy, together to expose the hidden aerodynamic scientific knowledge!

Tips for Alpha science toys: In the course of a scientific experiment, all the parents of the paper cutter are required to help the children!

Floating ping-pong ball-cool science experiments for kids

Alpha science class:Floating table tennis toys need materials

1.1.5 ML transparent coke bottle

2.paper knife

3.cellulose tape

4.Big nail

Alpha science class: floating Table Tennis to make steps

Step 1:

Children need to stop the bent part close to the top of the 1.5-liter Coke bottle, and put a transparent tape around the bottle as a mark for the children to cut the bottle.

Floating ping-pong ball-easy science experiments for kids

Step 2:

This step requires the use of paper cutters, children need to help at home, with paper cutters in the position just affixed with tape to cut, know that the top of the coke bottle completely cut off, children should pay attention to the safety of the cutting oh!?

Floating ping-pong ball-fun science experiments for kids

Step 3:

Unscrew the cap on the Coke bottle, let parents use large nails and hammers to punch a hole in the bottle cover, take the nail to get a perfect round hole, (If the hole is too small, find a large nail to enlarge the hole, if the hole is too big, find a small nail).

Step 4:

The children screwed the perforated cap onto the Coke bottle and took out the short end of the suction tube into the cavity, so that a funnel could simulate the air.

Floating ping-pong ball-cool physics experiments

Step 5:

The children can be ready to try floating table tennis! Blow in the air with your mouth like a straw (one end opposite the bottle) and put the table tennis on the air flow. Wow, surprisingly, the table tennis hovers in midair! Children, go and show this magical phenomenon to your family and friends!

Alpha science class:Floating table tennis science secret

Alpha science toys tell kids,When you blow into the funnel, air flows from the pipette to the wide mouth of the funnel. Your breathing will push some air between the ball and the funnel, reducing the pressure there. The air kept under the table tennis will not be pushed open and the ball will continue to be pressed into the funnel. According to Per Bernoulli's principle, the area above the table tennis is the low-pressure area, and the area below it is the high-pressure area. These two areas have different pressures that create the force that keeps the table tennis in the funnel without falling. It also does not move out of the funnel. Do you understand, kids?


There are infinite possibilities in the scientific world, and there are also countless magical phenomena. Do children want to explore more scientific mysteries? Then go to the world of scientific educational toys created by Alpha science toys for children! There are many interesting scientific experimental toys for children to choose from, so that children in the happy time of exploring science, grow into the greatest scientist!



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