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Alpha Science Toys:How Your Children Benefit From Having A Pet

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There is nothing better than the joy of coming home to a faithful companion. Unconditional love for a pet can do more than just keep you company. Pets can also reduce stress, improve heart health, and help children improve their emotional and social skills.

An estimated 68% of American households have pets. But who benefits from animals? What types of pets are good for your health?

Over the past 10 years, Alpha Science Toys R&D experts have cooperated with the Pet Nutrition Center to analyze and study such issues.

Scientists are studying the potential physical and mental health benefits in different animals, from fish to guinea pigs to dogs and cats.

Pets are such an important (and adorable!) part of our lives. They come in many shapes and sizes—dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, or any other adorable companion—but no matter the animal, they are creatures capable of connecting with humans. Many people consider their pets to be part of the family! It is estimated that about 70% of households have at least one pet, and 90% of people regard pets as part of the family.

Like other family members, pets have a huge impact on children's development. But we also learned that the presence of animals in the home helped promote her emotional, cognitive, social, and physical development.

As it turns out, it's not just our families that benefit from the presence of pets. I found that there is a lot of solid evidence that pet ownership benefits children and families.

As a professional China educational toy manufacturer, Alpha science toys pays great attention to educational issues at all stages of children's growth. To this end, we have also done a lot of subject research and literature study, and we also hope that parents can provide the most beneficial and Help for children's growth.

The following are the benefits of keeping pets for children analyzed by Alpha Science Toys. We use the most professional literature to explain to parents.

Compassion is the third life skill to develop. When children care for pets, they learn to be kind to others by taking care of their furry friends' basic needs.

DogOther skills kids learn include:

Bereavement. When a pet passes away, a child will learn about the grieving process.

Respect. Requiring gentle touching and learning about boundaries when the pet is eating and sleeping will develop respect for others in young children, which is a difficult skill to learn at a young age.

Self-esteem. When pets show unconditional love, it boosts a child’s self-esteem. Being responsible also develops self-esteem in young children.

Loyalty. Pets are very loyal and a good example of how to treat others that are important to the child and family.

Physical activity. Walking and throwing a ball is great exercise.

Patience. Sometimes bonding with a pet takes time, as well as teaching tricks and learning good behavior.

Social Skills. Pets are great in helping “break the ice.” On outings, dogs encourage conversations with others and will improve a child’s social skills.

Motivation. Because of all the skills pet ownership provides, young children have a reduced risk of allergies and better grades at school because kids develop internal motivation while caring for their animals.

Empathy. Children growing up with a pet do so with more empathy towards animals and more empathy in general.

But wait, there are more benefits!


Pets can also help families:

Build family bonds. When families and pets play together, they also bond and share positive experiences.

Teach life lessons. Pets are living creatures that can teach children about topics such as birth, health, and aging.

Learn responsibility. Pets need us to feed them, bathe them, walk them, and more! Children can take on some of these tasks and learn what it means to be responsible.

Respect living things. Although pets look and act differently than us, they are living animals that children can learn to respect and care for.

Cognitive development. Some studies show a positive correlation between brain development and pet ownership.

Emotional therapy. Some trained dogs can even participate in animal-assisted therapy (AAT), a form of therapy that uses animals to improve social, cognitive, motor, and emotional functioning.

If you are considering getting a family pet, or you already have one, consider these safety tips:

Make sure to get your pets checked to make sure they are healthy and do not pose any health risks to your family.

Trim your pet's nails frequently to avoid scratches.

Never leave babies and pets in the same room unsupervised, especially while the baby is sleeping. Consider isolating certain areas of your home from pet access, or using a baby gate or playpen. You can also provide your pet with its own special spot.

Be aware of allergies. Children can be allergic or have an allergic reaction to pets, but allergies can usually be treated by a healthcare professional. Watch if your child sneezes frequently around pets, has a blocked nose, or develops a rash.

When playing outdoors, keep your dog on a leash or in a fenced area. You don’t want your pet to run away, and you don’t want your children to chase them. Even outside, it's best not to leave children and pets unattended.


Pets also bring new responsibilities for children, and knowing how to care for and feed an animal is part of owning a pet.

As a China educational toy manufacturer with rich experience in children's education, Alpha science toys also knows the importance of children's education. If you want children to establish a better character from an early age, then docile pets are the best choice. Parents cannot do it 24/7. To accompany children, pets can take part of the time, so that children will not be so withdrawn and lack energy. While paying attention to children's health, we have also developed interesting pet products, hoping to help children grow up. , spend a childhood full of joy and love with your beloved pets.


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